How Do I Import Notes From Evernote To Nimbus Note

After you’ve exported your notes from Evernote, it’s time to move them to Nimbus Note. The process of importing is just as easy as exporting. With a few simple steps, you can transfer important information to easily access and edit via Nimbus Note.
When you have your .enex file ready from your Evernote export, just follow these instructions to proceed:

1. Go to “Settings” in your Nimbus Web version or Mac, Windows desktop versions.


2. Go to “Import from Evernote” tab and click “Browse” button.
3. Select the .enex file that you’ve saved from your Evernote export.
4. Select folder to import notes from Evernote.
5. Wait some time until the import process finishes.
6. Woo-hoo! Import is finished, now you can continue using your notes in Nimbus Note.
If you have any questions or issues with the import process, feel free to contact us at

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