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  • Dec 28, 2016
  • 8 Min

How to escape Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has been a traditional diagnosis for a modern megalopolis dweller for a while now. Unfortunately, the exhausting, incessant and restless rhythm of life in a typical megalopolis is only likely to contribute to its development. It wouldn’t be a big deal if it wasn’t for the fact that chronic fatigue is not just delayed accumulated need for rest but also the root of many diseases and conditions, from neuroses to secondary immune deficiency disease. Can chronic fatigue be avoided? Keep reading below.

Diagnosing the problem

Today there is no solid diagnostic research data that could indicate myalgic encephalomyelitis in an individual. This exquisitely scary name is a medical term for chronic fatigue syndromes. However, you can usually tell if the syndrome is present or not relying on a few indirect signs. You just need to answer “yes” or “no” to a few simple questions:

1. After a night’s sleep do you feel like you did not get any rest?

2. Do you suffer from insomnia?

3. Do you get tired quickly while working?

4. Do you often do things with your brain on autopilot?

5. Do you suffer from daily headaches?

6. Do you get irritated easily even for insignificant reasons?

7. Do you suffer from memory impairment?

8. Do you experience muscle weakness during the day, even in absence of physical exercise?

9. Is it difficult for you to focus on something and start working?

10. Do you often get cold-related diseases?

11. Do you often get anxious for no particular reason?

12. Do you suffer from digestion problems?

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, the chances of you being affected by chronic fatigue syndrome are high. Risk factors likely to contribute to the likelihood are the following:

– bad habits (smoking, alcohol);
– excessive weight or serious weight deficit;
– unhealthy diet;
– chronic conditions of the nervous, cardiovascular and endocrinal system.

In this case, it’s important to start acting right away to get rid of the syndrome. We will discuss how below.

If you answered “yes” to just a few of those questions, you need to take preventive measures without any delays to keep the situation from getting worse. And we are going to discuss those right now.

Chronic fatigue syndrome prevention

Remember school time and follow a schedule

Even if any of you feel tempted to argue the necessity of this very measure, we strongly recommend trying to keep to a daily schedule for at least a couple of weeks. You will see results. As a matter of fact, a schedule helps you not only to regulate your nutrition and sleeping, but also to avoid rush work, which commonly results from simple lack of proper organization.

Hydrotherapeutic procedures

A contrast shower is not just a hygienic procedure but also a great way to increase muscle tone and improve the work of your blood vessels. After all, blood is not just some red liquid in our body, it’s a means of transport of nutrients to all our organs. A shower will help you refresh yourself for the day ahead (if you have a possibility to take it) and release excess tension in the evening while preparing your body for sleep.

Physical exercise

Anticipating your skepticism, let us just assure you that doing morning exercise does not take as long as you might imagine. A set of 10 exercises does not take longer than 10 minutes! This is just the same amount of time you spend in front of the TV in the morning getting warmed up on news reports. By the way, the effects of morning physical activity can be noticed almost immediately: the feeling of lightness in the body and euphoria from increased muscle tone make you feel invigorated. The most important obstacle to overcome is laziness during the first minute of the exercise, once it’s behind you, you will be thirsty for more.

Healthy diet

Remember that fast-food is the domain of teenagers as well as lazy and stupid people. Smart people know full well that healthy food can be tasty and good for you at the same time. In addition, such food helps you stay healthy and upbeat. It also significantly saves the money that lovers of fast-food, sodas and chips will be spending on drugs and doctors. Revise your diet and optimize it. You will quickly come to realize that not only are you spending less money on food, you are also feeling much better.

Normalize your weight

This recommendation applies equally to people suffering from excessive weight and those with weight deficit. Both extremes are detrimental, as they lead to systemic impairment of your internal organs’ function. As a matter of fact, a healthy diet in most cases contributes to natural weight normalization. We are talking about physiologically normal weight though, rather than the possibility to get a model body fiercely promoted in the mass media.

Phytotherapy and bioactive support

This item is a complex one, as it requires the most patience. Herbs can help our body restore its strength. True, their effects may not be evident right away and are naturally accumulative. Pills act so much quicker! But we do not recommend resorting to such dramatic measures exactly because of that: strong effects tend to work both ways. Help your body get rid of the toxins naturally, saturate with vitamins and restore the immunity. When choosing herbal mixtures for yourself do not forget that an allergic reaction is possible. Play it safe and always follow the directions on the package.

The following 6 steps will help you get rid of chronic fatigue and keep it away.

Chronic fatigue syndrome treatment plan:

It will include concrete steps to eliminate the causes and preventive measures that we discussed above.

Take care of your chronic diseases

Very often our hormones fuel the fire of myalgic encephalomyelitis. Many chronic diseases affecting the nervous and the endocrine systems are known to be active contributors. Therefore, the first item on the list is dealing with the chronic processes by seeking professional help.

Get tested for infections and parasitic infestations

There are quite a few infections with no apparent manifestations up until a certain moment. Parasites that can infest human body have the same kind of undermining activities. These days, plenty of efficient diagnostic methods are available to help you eliminate any doubt.

Establish a sleep pattern

If the situation is bad and insomnia became a regular thing, you might need the help of a specialist. At early stages simple things like an obligatory evening walk, a relaxing shower before bedtime, a warm herbal drink and a pleasant “going to sleep” ritual. The last one is way too personal to give any recommendations. For someone, music will have a lulling effect, for others – a nightlight imitating the starlit sky or sea waves, and for others – light massage. Just try to do without the TV. Falling asleep to it has detrimental effects on your brain.

Do a body detox

A person with chronic fatigue syndrome is clogged to the limit. So treatment without any prior detoxing will make little sense. Regulating digestion with the help of prebiotics, probiotics and adsorbents helps you rid your body of toxins.

Give up multitasking

Don’t try to do it all. Especially once you discover you’ve been affected by chronic fatigue syndrome. It can make the situation so much worse, you might actually require a serious medical intervention. Decrease your life pace. At least for the time of treatment and rehabilitation. At least half of the tasks can be crossed off by delegating or pushing them back. Leave only the most essential ones. Save your strength and nerves.

Return real human interaction to your life

Unfortunately, today’s urban dweller has an acute deficit of normal human interaction. Replacing real interaction with the virtual kind affects our nervous system quite negatively. Being a social creature, every person requires healthy real interaction. Remember that such interaction must be emotionally meaningful, psychologically useful and certainly positive. Do not waste your time on idle chatting, better leave it for the good old person to person conversations. Pull your friends from the social network web back into reality. Taste life together, share your emotions and appreciate the beauty of simple human touch.

Ensure proper full rest

The importance of this one is impossible to overestimate. Any measures will lose any sense if we don’t let our body restore fully. It’s a lot easier to give yourself a chance to rest, putting away all the things that need to be done for a while, than to let all the effort made go to waste by having to cure the actual syndrome. Getting proper rest is like tying off your thread to make sure the seams don’t come undone.

As you can see, chronic fatigue is quite a serious condition that can worsen your life quality and undermine your health. Do not ignore the wake up calls, do not let things get real bad. Let joy and pleasure make their way back into your life. Next time we will talk about resting the right way.

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