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Is Chrome OS Just A Browser? Should I Switch From Microsoft?

Does Chrome offer anything more than a standard browser? 

In a world where browsers seem to come in as much variety as Skittle flavors, it’s difficult to settle on a particular one. Furthermore, it’s hard to make sure that it’s the best browser for your needs.

One of the most common misconceptions about Chrome is that it’s only a browser. This operating system was built on top of a standard Linux kernel. The Chrome browser itself is the main interface.

Is there a wide variety of hardware options?

Yes, there’s a decent number of hardware choices for Chrome OS. Chromebooks, laptop systems that run this OS, are among the most common and well-known.
However, there is more variety. Many people aren’t aware that there are desktop versions known as Chromeboxes that come with a monitor.
These versions are great for conference rooms, workstations, and whenever several people need to be able to view and interact with the screen.

Kiosk Mode

“Kiosk mode” is a fancy way of describing the OS feature that allows a browser’s window to take up the entire screen. Any toolbars and menus that were once seen are pushed out of sight. This gives the user a more focused experience. Kiosk mode is becoming more popular over the years.

Is the Chrome operating system safe?

Safety and internet security are some of the top selling-points for Chrome OS. There are virus and malware protection built into the platform in both software and hardware formats. Trusted Platform Module and boot verification are two of the hardware features included.

Will my team get any work accomplished on Chrome?

Yes, for sure! Chrome is capable of running some of the most popular communication platforms such as Google’s G Suite. Google Drive can be used to share documents, slides, videos, and much more. There’s a host of other powerful applications and many people even end up forgoing Office altogether since all of their needs are already met.

How does Chrome OS compare to Mac or Windows?

While Mac and Windows computers could make your wallet jump out of your pocket in fright, Chrome hardware is much more affordable. The operating system is more streamlined than it’s competitors, allowing it to work well in modestly-priced computers. This is something any user can appreciate since saving money is always an advantage.

What is it like to use Chrome management?

Management is one area in which Google is striving to separate itself from Windows and Mac. There are several dynamic tools in the Chrom Admin Console to help manage several Chromebooks throughout an organization.
Admins can assign certain users to different Chromebooks, establish device and user policies, and determine which apps are blocked or preinstalled on the device. Chrome themes and bookmarks can even be customized to your preference. These features make it much easier for admins to distribute, organize, and manage information within their team.

Did you think about the possibility to switch?

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