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  • Oct 23, 2017
  • 1 Min

New in Nimbus Capture for Chrome – drawing while recording a video


Situations when you need to emphasize something in your video are quite common. Surely, you can mention it and emphasize with your voice, but the more visual it is – the better. We added special Drawing Tools to Nimbus Capture for this very purpose: you can use them while recoding a video.

Download Nimbus Capture for Google Chrome –

This is what you can find among Drawing Tools at the moment:

– a few types of cursor (regular, animated, with a shadow and a “tail”);
– a pencil;
– a rectangle;
– an arrow;
– a question mark, an exclamation mark and a checkmark sticker;

You can also erase whatever is not needed or quickly get rid of all drawn shapes at once.

You can enable/disable the bar using the video menu or the Alt+V hotkey.

This tool will be perfect for recording educational videos, videos showcasing website/app bugs and so on.

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