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New Nimbus note for iPad: web-clipper and improved editor

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of Nimbus Note for iPad. There are several important things that are different in the new version:

1) Web Clipper

Saving various information from the Internet is among the most frequently used features in Nimbus Note. While special clippers are used for desktop browsers and Android devices, we decided not to devise a separate app for iPad, “stuffing” the clipper right inside the app. The clipper comes with a few features:

– Allows you to select a specific fragment of an internet page and save it to Nimbus Note (text is saved with all and any images);

– “Pulls” an article from a site, similar to Pocket or Instapaper;

– Makes and a site screenshot and saves it to your account;

2) Improved editor

Numerous changes have also been introduced to our editor. Here’s what we added:

– possibility to create bullet and numbered lists;

– possibility to select font for your text;

– text highlighter;

– possibility to align text left or right, as well as center text.

We have also significantly improved the app performance and synchronization speed. We will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Check out another useful feature for iPad in our guide.

Download Nimbus Note for iPad –

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