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New version of Nimbus Note for iPad – Autosync, line spacing and other features

The new version comes with many changes, and here are a few ones worth mentioning:

Auto-synchronization and background synchronization

In this updated version, a new very useful feature appeared. Now Nimbus Note will update the contents of your account even if the app is running in background mode. Also, every time you run the app, automatic synchronization will launch. You can disable auto synchronization in settings.

 Line spacing

Now you can set  lines spacing for a note yourself. You just need to press on Line Spacing button and select requied value.

Folders and tags in the web clipper

Many users were able to appreciate the advantages of our clipper. Now it’s even more convenient to work with – you can set a target folder and tags for a future note.

 Possibility to select a default name for your notes

A note title is crucial for quickly locating exactly the one you need. Now you can select a default title for your notes (unless you want to type in something specific of course):

a) The note title will consist of the first words from the note text.
b) The note title will be a combination of date and time.

We hope you will enjoy the new features. If  you encounter any bugs, we will be most grateful for letting us know right away.

Check out another useful feature for iPad in our guide.

Download Nimbus Note for iPad –

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