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  • Dec 5, 2017
  • 4 Min

Nimbus Mind: for those who have trouble finding time for their meditations


What could the life of a modern person be compared to?

In most cases, to a wheel that we keep spinning from inside, keeping it up day to day. And even when we stop, we do not stop our hasty movement, spinning inside with our daily problems and things to do. It’s highly unlikely we can get any rest in this kind of state, although that does create perfect conditions for stress to fester. Can you make it out of the vicious spinning wheel? Luckily you can.

One of the most efficient ways in this situation is to break out of the constraints of your little world and take a look at yourself from the outside, letting go of your troubles and worrisome thoughts, completely rebooting your brain and your consciousness. Meditation is a great way to expand the boundaries of your consciousness and comprehend its diversity. Meditation is also the best way to mindfully contemplate your inner world, with unimaginable treasures hidden from our eyes.

Meditation is a sort of a reset red button if you will; pressing it allows you to turn a whole new page. Sometimes this is the only way to solve a certain problem. It might be difficult to believe, but even five-minute long sessions can bring genuine relief and over time drastically change the way you see the world around you.

So how to make time for your meditations?

The truth is, it’s only tough at the beginning, while the stereotypical mentality of a permanently busy urban dweller is working overtime. Constant time pressure is nothing but a devious ploy of our consciousness trying to resist change. Stressful urban rhythm forces us to jump in the deep end of multitasking, which does not promote relaxation at all. The stress level is increasing, only making the feeling of time pressure more acute.

Well aware of the extraordinary amount of pressure a modern day urban dweller is under, we came up with the Nimbus Mind app that allows you to effortlessly make time for meditations.

What will you find in our app?

– Regular meditations for any occasion – great for beginners only about to get acquainted with the concept of mindful meditations. There are sessions that vary in length from 3 to 20 minutes, so you can always start with the shortest ones. Meditations are organized by themes, so even an inexperienced user can find his or her way around. For example, you could select a session to reduce anxiety or improve sleep, to get thoroughly prepared for a business meeting or get out of bad mood.

– Meditative series will also be useful to those at the beginning of their meditation journey. The sessions here are longer and arranged in themed series, intended for a few days. In most cases a series is intended for a week of meditation comprising 7 sessions.

– Those familiar with meditating and willing to design their own session will find the timer for individual meditations particularly useful. You can set your session length and choose the most suitable background sound. All you need to do is close your eyes and relax.

– Good meditation music for a variety of situations: insomnia, anxiety, relaxation and concentration.

Mindful meditation is no longer just the purview of oriental gurus, having turned into a perfect tool for self-awareness and spiritual healing. And this is great indeed, as there isn’t a better way to achieve tranquility and confidence.

Leave stress beyond the threshold of your very own world. Reinvent your body and fine-tune your soul using Nimbus Mind meditations!

Download Nimbus Mind for iPhone –

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