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What a good rest is supposed to be like

Last time we talked about ways of escaping chronic fatigue. Today we’ll talk about resting the right way. Unfortunately, by far not everyone can even imagine what a quality rest is supposed to be like. This ignorance comes with very unfortunate consequences, as this “pseudo rest” does not take the load off your body and gives it no chance to restore itself.

What’s a “rest” to you?

Turns out, the most common kind of “rest” many people practice these days is watching TV, hanging out in social networks and online in general, playing computer games. Obviously, not only is this kind of “leisure” unlikely to have any benefits for your body, it also undermines your health. Don’t be surprised if headache, exhaustion and overall unwell feeling are among the results of such resting. So what’s a good proper rest like?

Resting does not equal being idle

Unfortunately, an overwhelming majority of people associate resting with doing nothing, although it could not be farther from the truth. Do you know that no matter what we do, at least one of our “components” is active – body, soul or mind? Switching from some type of activity to a completely different one will provide a much needed reboot. Sounds counterintuitive, but a change of activity is the best way to rest! Switch from mind work to physical work, from physical to spiritual and you will be able to relax and enjoy a proper rest.

You should rest all the time

Even while you work it’s important to allow time for a short-term rest. It’s best to have short breaks every half an hour. Even a five minute break will take the pressure off your eyes and brain. Having said that, a tea or coffee break cannot be considered as a rest. Try to spend your lunch break with some use as well. Eat without being in a hurry and … take a walk. A breath of fresh air and a small warm-up will complement your break at work beautifully.

You should start resting before you feel tired

By getting yourself to the state of exhaustion you are steering right towards stress and keeping your body from restoring its resources. The irony is that you need some strength to rest properly, so never wait until you are completely exhausted – start resting before that.

You should distribute your relaxing five minute breaks evenly throughout your work day. Prevent the onset of a non-productive stage in your work process by switching to resting. This trick will help you boost the efficiency.

Resting and following a schedule come hand in hand

Healthy nutrition, regular physical activity, following a schedule and proper sleep – all those are essential parts of a healthy lifestyle. Do not forego any of those components, as this is the only way to protect your body from unnecessary stress. Remember that proper sleep can help you restore your strength following a day of work.

Weekend resting is not what you think it is

Remember we talked above about the things a rest should never be? Do not forget about that when planning your leisure time for the weekend. Try to get a good and proper rest during the weekend to accumulate strength for the work week ahead. Exclude TV and computer from your entertainment program. It will be great if you give yourself an information break too by turning off your gadgets and immersing into real communication.

Remember about your hobbies, visit some cultural event, talk to your friends offline, go hiking, turn off all and any work-related thoughts.

A couple words about vacation resting

It would be more logical to discuss this one separately, but we’ll say a few words about it here. This type of rest is most important for a working person, as their work efficiency in the period preceding a next vacation entirely depends on it.

It’s best to plan your vacation rest in advance as much as possible. If you don’t have the possibility to go to some resort, you need to get a proper at home. Going to your country house is a great option: as relaxing as it gets, filled with positive emotions and oxygen. Don’t have a country house to go to? Go fishing to a nearby river or lake, or mushroom hunting to the nearest forest, or just have a picnic in the park! The more different your rest is from your regular work-day routine the more will your body benefit. Don’t stay inside the four walls confining yourself to the couch, kitchen and TV.

Remember that a properly organized active and good rest will allow you to work with pleasure and maximum efficiency afterwards.

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