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Nimbus Note vs
Google Keep

Here is an in-depth comparison of all platforms to help you understand their 

differences and decide which fits you best.

The best alternative to Google Keep is Nimbus

Google Keep is a popular and easy note taking tool. You can use it to create and edit notes and lists, organize information, set reminders and shortcuts and share data with other users by giving them access to your notes. 

Google Keep is available as:

• web version;

• mobile application for Android, Chrome OS and iOS;

• plugin for Google Chrome browser.

Practical features of the service vary based on its type. For example, the web version provides only basic functions (creating notes, setting reminders, inserting images), while the applications for Android, Chrome OS and iOS devices have a wider functionality.

Nimbus Note

Nimbus Note is a great alternative to Google Keep, available in one free and two commercial versions  It is not just a compact mobile app like Google Keep, but a feature-rich cross-platform service compatible with different browsers and Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS operating systems.


Stable and flexible, Nimbus Note is just as good as Google Keep in terms of basic technical parameters, and surpasses it in most respects – for example, when it comes to data search or screen recording, workflow control or public page customization. 

Desktop version×
Download and search document content ×
Searching through the contents of pictures and notes
Video recording and saving screenshots to your account (Nimbus Screenshot required)×
Saving web pages and received emails to your Nimbus Note account (requires the use of Nimbus Clipper)×
Support of reminders with option to repeat
Aggregation of tasks in a single dashboard with the ability to manage them ×

Editor features

The Nimbus Note editor is designed to work with any files: simple text notes and combined documents, tables, lists, pictures, video and audio content. 

 Some of its functions are identical to those of Google Keep (insert images, task lists, checkboxes). At the same time, many options provided by even the simplest, basic version of Nimbus Note – for example, advanced formatting or text selection – are absent in Google Keep applications. 

You will not be able to add a table to Google Keep or use the web clipper in Google Keep. Working with links and complex objects (toggles, bookmarks, hints), saving a page in one click, selecting and saving fragments of PDF documents – all this is not available in Google Keep, but it is in Nimbus Note.

Nimbus NoteGoogle Keep
Categorizing information with projects×
Nested structure with support for subfolders
Support for tags for notes
Support for group work in real time
Template library×
Block editor with column support×
Advanced Objects (buttons, hints, toggles)×
Support for tables with sorting / summing and filtering×
Browser video and audio recording×
Offline mode in mobile clients

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Team Usage

Nimbus Note, initially positioned as a simple note-taking application, has visibly evolved over several years. Now it is not just a personal data management system, but a multilevel platform for productive team work. With Nimbus Note you will be able to:
  • Share files with colleagues and clients
  • Give your team members access to editing documents
  • Leave comments on notes, exchange opinions in group and dialog chats in real time
  • Send out email notifications, create alerts and mentions of people
  • Create public pages and client portals, which clients who do not use Nimbus Note can interact with
  • Create lists of tasks with dates and responsible assignees
  • Generate reports using tables, databases and integrations with other applications
  • Build a convenient knowledge management system and make project work more productive
Nimbus NoteGoogle Keep
Group chat ×
Task list with support for labels, responsibilities and dates×
Support for group work in real time ×
Aggregation of tasks in a single dashboard with the ability to manage them×
Support of reminders with option to repeat ×
Client portals×


Nimbus Note allows you to easily add Excel spreadsheets, Google Analytics statistics, content from Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Github, and more. Integrate as many services as you want using links: just a few clicks and you’re done! 

The list of popular products available for integration in Nimbus Note is constantly expanding, while integrations are not available in Google Keep.


Branding and customizing newsletters and public pages is one of those useful options that you can use to make your label or product more recognizable and your business more successful. 


Replace the Nimbus Note logo with your own logo in the program interface – and it will appear on your public documents and pages. You can customize newsletters and connect a custom subdomain (CNAME). All this is possible thanks to the white label concept, which does not exist in Google Keep, but is fully implemented in Nimbus Note.

Nimbus NoteGoogle Keep
Ability to brand shared pages (logo, appearance) ×
Connection to your site and custom domain (CNAME) ×
Use your own SMTP×

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How do you know if a note-taking
app is really worthwhile?

Assess your level of comfort when working with it. A comfortable and well-thought interface, stability, accessibility and easy synchronization – these are the key signs of a good application. 

Nimbus Note fully meets this. Google Keep is more suitable for creating quick notes or fixing thoughts and ideas that came to you during the day. There are no databases or folders in Google Keep. You can only systematize your notes with labels or color coding.

Nimbus Note is ideal for working with complex documents and projects since it has a clear and understandable hierarchy of folders, navigation by tags and document content, libraries of templates, the ability to set reminders and offline note creation with automatic synchronization on all devices.

Why do users choose Nimbus Note?

“I have been using different mobile note apps for years, and I can say with confidence that Nimbus Note is one of the best. Notes, lists, drawings – the simplest products have it all. But Nimbus Note has a lot of more interesting and complex features, unlike Google Keep (folders, video sharing etc), and yet it remains accessible.”


“It just so happens that I’m doing several projects at once, and I don’t have a personal secretary or assistant. But Nimbus Note is a successful replacement. I have never seen a more convenient teamwork application”.


“I don’t know why I didn’t switch to Nimbus Note sooner – it’s the best note-taking app I’ve ever dealt with. Convenient folder system, easy feature management, good tech support team…”


“Before purchasing any paid product, I weigh all pros & cons. I made the decision to purchase the business version of Nimbus Note very quickly, because the advantages of this service are visible, and I still haven’t found any drawbacks. I have been using it in my work for many years”.


Nimbus is ideal for collaboration and interaction with clients, offers individual workspaces, video and audio messaging, a powerful editor, easy integration with other services, fast import of files regardless of their format and more. With Nimbus Note you will no longer have to chaotically switch between different tools and tasks. All your data will be stored in one place. Work productively and comfortably!


Google Keep vs
Nimbus Note

Unlike glitchy conventional text editors, the all-new Nimbus Note editor provides reliable and robust tools for note taking and collaboration.

Frequently asked questions

Nimbus Note is not a standalone service, but part of the Nimbus Platform ecosystem. Switch to Nimbus Note and automatically get access to the platform combining three useful and practically perfect solutions for your business: 

Take screenshots/videos and share visual messages with Nimbus Capture; 

Use Nimbus Clipper to quickly create clippings, annotations and quotes; 

solve tasks of any complexity with Nimbus Note: quickly exchange data with colleagues and clients, organize and control working processes and more.

FERPA, SPS, COPPA and iKeepSafe certificates confirm the responsible approach of Nimbus Note developers to data storage and protection. All the data that you store on our servers or send to clients with access through the Nimbus platform is protected by special encryption keys. 

When sending data, the security of the connection is provided by the latest SSL encryption standard (that is what banks and other financial institutions use); when storing the data, 256-bit AES encryption is used. Each link or note can be protected with a separate password, making it even safer from unauthorized access.

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If you decide to switch from Google Keep to Nimbus Note, the easiest way to transfer the notes is manually. But if you have a lot of notes and want to save all of them at once, transfer the data to Google Docs, and then export from docx to Nimbus Note. Do not hesitate to contact technical support: we try to help all the new users when transferring data from other platforms and make the migration process as easy and pleasant as possible. Be prepared for a slight reorganization of structure, which in the first couple of days might cause some discomfort. But once the adaptation period is over, you will have more features at your disposal, which means a smoother workflow and better results.

Use the trial version of Nimbus Note to get acquainted with all the features of the application and try them for yourself. If at the end of this period you realize the basic features of the application are enough to work on all your tasks, you can continue to use Nimbus Note absolutely free of charge. But if other more specific features – collaboration, white labels, full page screenshots or customer portals – are important to you, you can switch at any time to the Pro or Business plans, which have it all.

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