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Super documents

A new generation of beautiful documents designed for all your needs.
Clean interface with robust functionality.

We’ve made it user-friendly and adaptive to all major devices.


New generation editor will bring lots of new ways how to create documents, same time keeping it clean and easy to perform day-to-day tasks.


Nimbus Tables can be adapted to almost any use case. From simple tables to lightweight database functionality – attachments, collaborators, progress and more.

Connect docs
& data

Create internal links to your web notes, folders, workspaces and even specific blocks in a note.

(inside docs)

Embedding allows you to integrate other tools or services right into a note.

Structure your information

The best structure for all your information.
Perfectly designed for personal use, small businesses/teams
and enterprises. Organize the best way for you or your team.


Running multiple organizations? You can have custom branding, domains and team members for each.


Make organization management flexible. Create individual workspaces with custom permissions, teams and structure.


Easily maintain security and stay focused on your projects. Each workspace is centralized with its own users, content and permissions.

Link and
Network Data

Create your own data network. Use mentions to connect notes and link workspaces, folders and team members.


Unlimited nested folders, similar to folders on your computer.


Quick access to notes from different folders by specific labels and criteria, e.g., Important, PDFs, Scanned Documents.

Archive and

Your data belongs to you. Make sure you can easily export or back up all your information.

Fast access to your information

Keep all your information in your hands. Empower yourself
with multiple ways to access your information
conveniently and quickly


Tags help you access your notes from various folders by specific criteria.


Storing information easily is only one side of the coin. The other side is having confidence that you can quickly and flexibly access that information whenever you need it.


Highly convenient method

for accessing important information – wherever

it might be stored.

Mobile apps

Make all your information easily accessible from any location, wherever you go.

Offline Access

Access all your information from anywhere, even without an Internet connection.

Doc Search

Make all your uploaded documents searchable and easily accessible.

Public Pages

Share your notes and folders as Public Pages. With Public Pages,
you don’t need to know complex code to distribute your
knowledge efficiently. Set privacy controls, customize your own
branding, and embed into your website.

Share Notes
and Folders

No code pages. You can share nested folders and Notes. With a Business account, you can set your branding and custom domain.

Public Pages

Single source of truth. Embed Nimbus Pages into your website. Bring the power of Super Documents to your web pages or blog.

with password

Share your notes and folders with extra protection from unwanted viewers. A super speedy way to share information securely.

Privacy controls

Manage privacy directly on Public Pages. Set a password or switch to private workspace-level access.


Make your public pages part of your Brand. Display your own logos and connect to your Custom Domain (CNAME)


Add Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Intercom-like chats, and chatbots. Include marketing tools like Call-to-Action buttons or Surveys into the Web Client or Public Pages. Here are some examples of services you can integrate.




A great way to further secure your data from hackers. Even if they somehow pick your password, they won’t access your account without a special code that only you have.

Passcode for
Mobile Clients

Add an extra level of protection to your data on your mobile phone. Secure app access with a 4-digit PIN or fingerprint.

Protect with

Protect Public Pages from unwanted viewers. Quickly enable a password, so only the right people can access your shared Pages or Folders.


Secure yourself from accidental data loss. Create full snapshots of all your data and easily recover your information.


You are not a data hostage. Work in a form that suits you best. Export documents with all attachments in a readable and convenient format.

Get things done

Bringing useful tools to help you, your team and your
clients achieve goals efficiently.

To-Do Lists

Every document has a lightweight To-Do list. Make sure you’re on the right track. Create quick to-do lists to get things done effectively.

scanner (OCR)

Go paperless and make all scanned documents searchable. Image-to-text recognition is a powerful feature that enables searching for text within images.

Send emails
to Nimbus

Make sure all important emails are easily accessible and saved forever. Nimbus Note provides you an internal email address to which you can forward all important emails from any email service.

Make it visual

Make yourself feel at home. Visually customizing your
information will help you navigate and access everything faster.


Personalize folders and note names with Emojis. This will help you find content visually and make your workspaces more appealing.

Dark theme

To stay up to date with modern trends, we’ve built a dark theme for Nimbus Note. Currently, it’s available for our Web, Mac, Windows and Android Apps.


Make information a part of your Brand. Change the appearance of public notes/folders and add components of your brand.

Set colors
to folders and

Human eyes identify colors more quickly than words. That’s why we’ve included this feature in Nimbus Note. Setting colors makes it easier to identify and access important content.


Collaborate effectively with teams and clients.
Nimbus Note not only works perfectly for personal use
but also for large teams and clients.


Collaborate on super documents together in real-time. Reduce the number of meetings for your team.


You can create a full-fledged link between workspaces, folders, notes, and users. Build your own data network.


Bring collaboration to the next level. Post comments, attach documents, and keep everyone on the same page. (Coming soon)


Flexible permissions will help you to grant appropriate access to your data. The same users can have various permissions in different workspaces.


Complementary product for visual messaging and annotation.

Back up your information

We don’t want you to be a hostage to data.
Your data belongs only to you.

Side backups

Create full snapshots of all your data and recover specific pieces of information, such as individual notes.


Export documents with all attachments in a readable and convenient format.

Import your data

Thousands of people join Nimbus Platform. We’ve made it
easier for you to forget about your ex-productivity app,
after everything you’ve been through.


Superior organization of your information and fair pricing.


Explore our guides for more apps and file formats you can import from.

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