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Gregory Skeete

Languages: english

Average client size: Small (1-10)

Details about your service:
I help corporate leaders to achieve cultural and organisational transformation through leadership excellence by helping them to re-engineer the mindsets, skillsets and abilities of themselves and their teams. I help organisations to become leaner by reducing operational expenses and waste by solving the root causes of critical operational issues, applying lean methodologies and business process optimisations. I help corporate leaders and business owners to increase sales, global exports and operational efficiency by leveraging digital technology systems, improving Customer Acquisition Costs and Lifetime Value while automating operational and administrative processes. I write, speak and produce content in my areas of expertise including books, articles, videos and podcasts. I also contribute to leading magazines, publications and television, radio and online shows.
I help individuals to discover purpose and fulfilment through personal and professional career success by guiding the design of strategic plans for life, career or business to align with individual personality, strengths and vision along with implementation of those plans via a process of reverse-engineering. I help side-hustlers, entrepreneurs and business owners to unlock the entrepreneurial mentality, skillset, tools and systems required to start and/or profitably scale their businesses to create more time, wealth and happiness for themselves and their families.

Leadership Development, Personal Development, Business Process Engineering, Digital Marketing, Digital Business Solutions

About you / Intro

As a globally certified coach, trainer and consultant, I help people and organisations unlock LEADERSHIP excellence, engineer peak PERFORMANCE and achieve desired RESULTS via People Development, Systems and Technology.

I help organisations to design strategic plans, develop high-performance teams, optimise business processes, implement digital solutions and conduct root-cause problem-solving in order to increase profitability and employee engagement via an operation and culture which has been engineered for results.

I help individuals to operate at their best and overcome professional challenges through coaching, consulting and training in various areas such as leadership, entrepreneurship and productivity.

I've worked with various clients such as The Central Bank of Barbados, CIBC FirstCaribbean Int'l Bank and Meridian International Center (USA).

I hold an International Certification with the John Maxwell Team, the world's premier leadership development institute, following a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering and certificates in Manufacturing, Business Development, Internet Marketing and Supervisory Management.

My career in Operations Engineering and Human Resource Development spans the Caribbean, the Americas and Europe.

I lead the development of training and coaching programmes at Life Engineer Inc. I am best known for my unique ability to blend science with art, creativity with simplicity and engineering with entrepreneurship to influence transformation.

To some, I am also known as "Engineer Greg", Award-winning Author and Founder of The Pilly Pelican Company, which uses characters, stories and media to educate, entertain and inspire children under the age of twelve (12) to ignite their love for literacy, learning and life with a focus on personal development, entrepreneurship and S.T.E.A.M. subjects.

One of the honours of my career was being selected for the Inaugural Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Fellowship Program in 2016, initiated by former President Barack Obama under the U.S. Department of State.

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