Quick Notes

Create notes as simple or as complex as you need. Insert tables, images, numbered or bulleted lists, and much, much more.

To-Do Lists

Create tasks for each note, and maintain control over the completion of each task.

Web Clipper

Do you need to save a complete web page, or perhaps only part of a web page (such as an image, article without comments, etc.)? Select ONLY the section of a web page you wish to capture with the Web Clipper add-on for Chrome and Firefox.

Share Notes

Just a couple of clicks – and you get the URL of your note. Convenient, isn’t it? Share your notes with your friends, workmates, students, etc.

Instant access from wherever
you are

Nimbus Note works with various devices and browsers that can be synced together. This allows you to have access to your notes at any time and from any place. You can always edit your notes in Nimbus Note’s web interface.

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