Axel Cortvriendt

Software developer

using Office 365 environment


I'm a software developer, mainly developing in MS Access and I do some default maintenance of some SQL servers of the clients I work with. The fact is that I work for about 5 different clients. So sometimes I need to check certain data for a client. So I created some default SQL statements, specific tailored to the tables of the clients. I always have to look up some SQL statements, because I simply forget them, because I don't work enough with SQL to make it my own. And of course sometimes I need to correct data after users entered the wrong data or did a wrong manipulation (delete wrong month).


By using Nimbus, I can put the default SQL queries in a folder for each client specific and I can link to some generic scripts that are usable for every client. So I will be able to find the scripts easier. All the correction script I create, I put them in Nimbus now as well, so that I can get a history of what went wrong when, if we ever have a discussion with the client.


I'm more confident that I will be able to find the correct statements quicker and I don't have to remember where at what client I saved a specific statement.

Here is the example of Axel's note in Nimbus Note which allows statements to be easily found with the search in seconds.

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