Janet Pollock

English Teacher

James B. Hunt High School


As a teacher, the challenges I faced as a teacher was how were my students without internet access going to complete digital assignments. My work wasn't difficult since I had access to the internet both at school and at home. Now that we are faced with an unprecedented obstacle (COVID-19), I fear my students are not able to complete the needed work to challenge their academia.


Nimbus Note has helped me to show my administrator as well as the senior staff at central office what I am doing at home to help my students as well as help me to become a remote educator. It hasn't been easy as I'm am what today's folks would consider "old school". Nimbus Note made the transition into the remote learning world easier for me as an educator.


The results I have achieved are simple. If and when we can go back to face to face classroom instruction, I have a new tool to implement into my lessons. Students will be able to use Nimbus and send me their work, I can use Nimbus to share/save administrative work, and I believe Nimbus will help in areas to shorten the time spent. I KNOW I NEED to delve deeper into what Nimbus can do for me.

Check how teachers use The Student Database template to monitor the needed data in one place.

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Scott Mince

Customer service rep
and single father

“I can definitely tell a difference in faster workflow. Nimbus Note is noticeably faster in searching, creating, and editing notes and documents.”

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Jackie VanPaemel

Technology Administrator
at a K-8 school

“Speeds up equipment repair by at least 10%.Invaluable to the whole organization when our administration changed suddenly because all building procedures and maintenance were already documented.”

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Stephen Yost

at Bethel Park School District

“Nimbus Note has helped me connect with my students and model my expectations for each assignment.”

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