6 Easy Ways to Take a Full Webpage Screenshot

Let’s talk about screenshots and how to work with them. We’ve gathered the best tips & lifehacks on the usage of the simple capture tool for manuals, presentations, or for other reasons you may need to show your webpage. There are many interesting programs for snapping screenshots. Nimbus Capture is considered one of the simplest and most user-friendly tools. It became one of Google Chrome’s Favorite Extensions for productivity in 2021.

We are going to tell you more about this extension so you can use it to take screenshots and keep your productivity high. Let’s get the ball rolling!

1. Nimbus Capture Functions Overview
2. Whole Webpage Screenshot
3. Capture the Entire Webpage in the Browser
3.1 Google Chrome
3.2 Mozilla Firefox
3.3 Microsoft Edge
4. Try Nimbus Capture for Windows and Edit Your Screenshots
5. Take and Save Screenshots on Mac
6. Create Screenshots Without an Extension
7. Conclusion

Nimbus Capture Functions Overview

Nimbus Capture is a cool multifunctional tool for taking screenshots. Wonder why it is so popular? Let’s take a look at extension benefits:

✅ Free of charge;

✅ Simple and intuitive interface;

✅ Works on both OS Windows and Mac.

Using this free tool, you will spend less time doing the usual operations. Instead of retyping text or explaining your ideas verbally, you can take a screenshot, edit it, and send it to your clients, team members and more. By the way, we’ve already received lots of positive feedback about this resolution. Why is it so remarkable? Many useful options can make your work easier and more efficient.

Before we begin showing all our cards, please check the tool compatibility with the browser you use. Below you can find browsers our extension works with 👇 Or check out more information about Nimbus Capture on this page >>

Nimbus Screenshot Extension. Image powered by Nimbus Platform

If your browser is on the list, congratulations! You can become an owner of the high-quality tool. Just add an extension to your browser and check out the following features:

📌 Screenshot documents or their separate fragments;

📌 Take the whole webpage document screenshot;

📌 Scroll the capturing zone up and down;

📌 Postpone actions to prepare the screen;

📌 Open a blank screen for writing text and inserting pictures;

📌 Make screencasts and save videos in a convenient format (MP4/GIF, file);

Nice job, you’ve observed all the options! Now add the tool to your taskbar so you can quickly access it when you need it. It will always be close at hand for easy operations.

How to pin Nimbus Screenshot Extension. Image powered by Nimbus Platform

All in all, by using this extension, you will get screenshots easily in different ways. But we are going to focus on a screenshot of entire web pages here.

Grab a Whole Webpage Screenshot

Often we take screenshots, capturing visible zones. However, we can get an image fitting the whole webpage document on it. How can you do that? Well, there are standard ways to get the desired image, but they are quite troublesome. For example, you can first zoom out to the minimum page size, then press the PrtScr key.

To make things work like a piece of cake without zooming manipulations, you can use Nimbus Capture. The process will be faster and more convenient after you practice a few times. On top of that, there is no need to use third-party programs, all functions are already in one tool. Capture all details, edit them, and send as images or as files to your clients, team members, or so.

A small tip. You’ll probably say that all the information we described above already eases up your process. But we’ll say there are way more tips to increase the task completing speed. For example, you can activate the full webpage capture function only. You just have to change some parameters.

1. Find a Nimbus Capture logo on a taskbar, and click on it to enter the tool settings.

2. Turn on the Quick screenshot feature.

3. Choose “Entire Page”.

AA Whole Webpage Screenshot. Image powered by Nimbus Platform

Capture the Entire Webpage in the Browser

As you already know, you can install this convenient and functional extension on various devices. The tool is compatible with popular browsers. You do not have to spend time launching and configuring the tool – everything happens automatically. The extension is activated immediately when the browser is launched. For its stable operation, only access to the network is required.

So let’s find out how you can work for free with Nimbus Capture in different browsers!

Google Chrome

You can get an extension in Google Chrome Store >>. Then just push on the Add to Chrome button. The next step will be to choose the Entire page option. Here you go!

Nimbus App at Google Chrome Store. Image powered by Nimbus Platform

Watch a detailed video about Nimbus Capture work in Google Chrome here 👇

Mozilla Firefox

Install here >> the tool that quickly captures the entire webpage. This is how it should look like in your window 👇

Nimbus App at Firefox Add-ons Store. Image powered by Nimbus Platform

Press Add to Firefox and you’re all set. Now you are free to use a screenshot for presentations, reports, and documents.

Microsoft Edge

Find Nimbus Capture in the Microsoft App Store >>. Then just click the Get button.

Nimbus App at Microsoft Edge Store.

After the operation is completed, open the tool. That’s how you can capture the entire webpage and screenshot it. Easy, isn’t it?

Try Nimbus Capture for Windows and Edit Your Screenshots

Now you know a lot, but we still have something to share with you. In this paragraph, let’s figure out how to edit your screenshots and make images out of them. You will be able to carry out such operations both on Mac and on Windows. We’ll show you what it looks like on the last one.

If you are a Windows fan, you know all about the perks this operating system has. Now you can add one point to it. Nimbus Capture works great on Windows! Click on the extension, and then select Entire Page. Or you can use the quick option, which we described in the previous paragraph.

Nimbus Capture Landing Page. Image powered by Nimbus Platform

As soon as the webpage capture tool finishes its operation, an edit field will appear. There, you can add arrows and other figures with pencils and markers of different colors. If necessary, you can cancel all actions via the Back button.

Nimbus Capture for Windows full Screenshot. Image powered by Nimbus Platform

If you add an image or blur personal information, a screenshot can turn into a full-fledged document. Please note that these capture tool features are parts of the Pro plan.

Check out all opportunities of Nimbus Capture Pro! Make your choice towards professional screen capture tool

Take and Save Your Screenshots on Mac

Working on the Mac operating system is as easy as working on Windows. There are many options that work for both systems.

Take and Save Your Screenshots on Mac. Image powered by Nimbus Platform

If you want to learn how to get an extension, make a screen capture, add images and turn it into a document, check out the previous paragraphs.

Here, you’ll find out how to save screenshots on the Mac operating system afterward. There are plenty of different ways for this. You can save your screen captures:

🔽 as an image;

🔽 in the file on the laptop;

🔽 in the workspace in Nimbus Note and making it a part of the super document.

Nimbus Note Workspace. Image powered by Nimbus Platform

Pro plan users can upload straight to YouTube, or Dropbox. On top of that, with a Pro plan, you can make the screenshot look more professional by adding your watermark. Create a full-fledged webpage document out of screenshots and store it wherever you want.

A small tip. To make things even faster, you can skip the editing part of the screenshotting process. Choose in advance where you want to save your screen image. Click on the extension, go to the bottom of the window list and find Action after the capture. There you can choose different saving ways.

Screenshot Saving Ways with Nimbus Capture. Image powered by Nimbus Platform

Create Screenshots Without an Extension

Now you know almost everything about this top-notch tool. But we want to share one more super easy but very useful lifehack. It’s the last one, we promise.

Install Nimbus Capture on any of your browsers, and press Ctrl + Shift + 4. This way, your screenshot will automatically be saved on your default folder on the laptop.

Create Screenshot without an Extension. Image powered by Nimbus Platform


In this article we’ve shown you all possible ways and lifehacks for taking screenshots. Now the ball is in your court. Choose Nimbus Capture, Google Chrome’s Favorite Extensions for productivity, and fulfill all your tasks effectively. All you need is to connect the extension and enjoy its effective running. You can use this for free:

📷 on desktop;

📷 in Google Chrome;

📷 in Mozilla Firefox;

📷 in Microsoft Edge.

The free version is great, no doubt. But do you want to unlock all Nimbus Capture functions? Then choose between Pro or Team plans. The Pro subscription is suitable for those who work solo. Blurring confidential information, image editing & uploading your own ones, branding feature and more is available for you! If you want all these functions for your whole team, then try the corresponding plan.

Explore all instruments for achieving higher results and choose the best variant for you

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