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Control The Whole Work Process Via Chrome OS

Employers in every industry struggle to find effective ways to manage teams and the data being passed between each group. While there’s always a tangible component to this process, the rapid influx of technology into the world of business has transformed management into a digital game. The Chrome operating system has been designed to streamline this process and make it easier for professionals around the world to manage their teams, organize data, and communicate effectively.

How Chrome browser helps you manage more efficiently

The great thing about Chrome OS is its compatibility with the most popular computers in the world. Whether your organization uses Linux, Mac, or Windows computers, all you have to do is deploy the Chrome browser throughout the company. Once this is completed, you’ll have control and contact with each device in your system.

You’ll have the ability to use your favorite IT tools in order to delete or install certain apps, manage enterprise features, toggle extensions, and enforce different policies on each device. What’s great about Chrome OS is that you don’t have to leave your admin computer to make all of these organization-wide changes.

Here are some other managerial changes you can make through the Chrome operating system:

  • Access an admin console that’s cloud-based from anywhere in order to enact policies for employees using the Chrome browser throughout your organization.
  • See a detailed report that lists every computer’s current version of the browser, downloaded extensions and apps, and active policies.
  • Use configuration tools from Linux or Mac or Group Policy from windows in order to gain managerial control for corporate devices.
  • Google offers professionals a policy template for each of these 3 popular platforms to ensure seamless integration with the Chrome OS.

Manage all of the Chrome devices

If you’re using Chrome OS throughout your organization, you’ll also be able to manage policies for computers that use Chrome as the main operating system. Chromebooks are the most popular version of Chrome’s hardware technology. They’re lightweight, affordable, and transportable. Chromebits and Chromeboxes are also viable versions that are a bit larger and better equipped to handle larger tasks and more users.

You’ll be able to manage several Chrome features within these devices from an admin console that’s cloud-based. Whether you want to determine which apps are deleted or pre-installed, enact certain policies across the board, connect each device to the organization’s Wi-Fi network or VPN, you’ll be able to perform all of this with the Chrome operating system.

Managers working with Chrome devices or browsers will be able to enact a variety of policies, including:
  • Enact and customize security and privacy policies
  • Blacklist or whitelist certain site URLs and apps
  • Toggle auto-updates for Chrome
  • Install business extensions and apps
  • Manage the apps and extensions from the cloud-based admin panel

If you’re looking for more effective ways to manage processes within your organization, the Chrome operating system may be just what you’re looking for. Give it a try!

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