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Best 8 Customer Engagement Software Solution

Communication channels like social media have transformed how companies engage with their clients. Where phone calls and emails were once the primary forms of customer interaction with businesses, much has changed over the past several years.

Customers no longer prefer email communication and want to be approached in other ways. With an average person receiving over 98 business emails daily, standing out and building rapport with potential clients can be challenging.

Engaging new clients requires adapting your strategy accordingly. Today, effective communication channels include messaging apps like direct messages, social media posts and live chats. Your organization must change to remain competitive, but what approach would provide the greatest results?

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Customer engagement software offers the solution. Such platforms help reach out to clients through multiple methods while gathering enough customer data so you can tailor advertising efforts specifically toward each person based on customer profiles gathered through customer engagement platforms—and ultimately improve the quality of the customer journey experience overall.

What is Customer Engagement Software?

A customer engagement platform is a single piece of software that monitors, organizes and facilitates interactions with leads and buyers. So, how does a customer engagement platform work? It uses several customer communications channels like emails, SMS chatbots and so on.

Imagine a command center— that’s what a customer engagement platform is. You can access your customer engagement and communication tools and use them to develop automated communication channel processes. You don’t have to leave the platform to manage and activate these workflows.

Key Software Benefits: Customer Engagement

The Importance of Customer Engagement Software and the Benefits of Using It. Image by Nimbus

What is crucial in user engagement tools? Engaged consumers are worth more to a company since they spend more money with them. They are more likely to buy from the company again, tell others about the product, and give constructive criticism that can enhance the product. Customers who are emotionally invested in a brand are more loyal to that brand over time and less inclined to defect to a competitor.

Customer engagement is integral to business expansion. It fosters customer relationships, increases loyalty among existing clients, and ultimately drives revenue growth. Over the last two years, businesses that prioritized online consumer engagement software saw average annual revenue increases of 70%, which illustrates just how rewarding prioritizing customer engagement software solutions is for companies looking to differentiate themselves and develop long-lasting customer relationships.

The benefits of using a customer engagement platform are:

  • Positive and uninterrupted service throughout the entire customer journey.
  • Strengthening your clients’ positive opinions of your company and creating deeper relationships with them.
  • Increased efficiency and output thanks to the automation of manual, redundant operations and the centralization of all data relating to interactions with customers in a cloud-based customer relationship management system.
  • Target customers based on their buying habits, interests, and preferred method of contact using centralized, complete data and insights.
  • Boosts support teams’ work by making it easier to see how other groups are contributing, so issues affecting clients may be tackled from multiple angles at once.
  • Digitalization and automation to communicate and engage with consumers based on their activities and preferences over omnichannel platforms.
  • Conversational AI-driven chatbots, email and frequently asked questions (FAQs) that streamline proactive contact and communicate updated information with prospective consumers.

Essential Features of Customer Engagement Software

There are multiple tools available, but not all customer engagement tools are suitable for your business. You should compare and evaluate the features of different options before choosing the best customer engagement software to use for your company. Here are some characteristics to look for when you’re looking for software solutions for your customer outreach program.

Live chat

When there is a delay in response time from sales reps, customers often abandon their purchases. Live chat satisfies the need for a quick response by helping customers get their problems fixed.

Live chat feature is used by businesses to respond to clients instantly. The collaborative nature of live chat is enhanced by its frequent integration with other customer engagement tools’ elements like co-browsing, click-to-call and video.

Multichannel Engagement

Customer engagement solutions must be the central hub for all communications with customers, including chats, emails, and social media posts.


There shouldn’t be any inconsistency in your customer interactions, and the best customer engagement software should let you automate engagement activities to make that happen. Keeping in touch with customers is made easier with automation tools like push notifications, pre-written emails, data entry, customer care responses, and post-engagement surveys. 

360 customer views 

To better understand your customers’ goals and needs, the customer engagement solution you choose should help you organize and make sense of all the first-party data you collect, from marketing to social media to sales to customer service transcripts. 

Knowledge base 

Businesses may build a FAQ section, article library, and how-to manuals for their products and services on a customer engagement platform so users can get answers to common questions and issues without having to get in touch with support staff. To determine the best course of action and prevent giving the same answers repeatedly, a CEP can monitor customer engagement with the links in your knowledge base.

Integration with other tools

Integrations with other useful apps are a common feature of good customer engagement software. These apps include customer relationship management systems, e-commerce systems, and marketing automation software.

Top 8 Customer Engagement Software

Here are 12 customer engagement software alternatives that will get you started on the path to improving your interaction with consumers, whether you’re searching for a single tool or a whole platform.

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus)

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) can offer the best customer engagement software for any type of business. FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) can help you engage customers, provide excellent customer service, and build meaningful relationships with them.

Self-service portals are an important part of FuseBase’s (formerly Nimbus) customer engagement tool. The portal provides users with 24/7 support, including video tutorials and documentation. This can increase their satisfaction and loyalty. The adaptability of the software to different content formats allows businesses to increase engagement more quickly. With Nimbus you can easily create a knowledge base, collaborate in teams, and even make portals for clients.

FuseBase’s (formerly Nimbus) customer engagement software offers significant value by collecting and analyzing consumer behavior data to better tailor offers and recommendations to ensure superior customer experiences.

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) stands out with its flexible content development tools and comprehensive integration options, providing comprehensive management of structured information such that all information can be organized properly with permissions managed on a granular level.

Best features

  • FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) Portals. Give access to your information via one link. Make client communication easier and share all files, links, and work updates in one client portal.
  • Nimbus Capture. Prepare short videos or screenshots, then readily share them with customers using a simple link for visual communication with your customers.
  • Super Documents. Gather different types of content like text, tables, images, and files into one document.
  • Information Structure. Organize pages and data with a system of folders, subfolders, and tags efficiently.
  • Collaboration. Document and share customer feedback with your team. Use a chat, @mentions and comments to readily discuss feedback among the entire group.
  • Permission Management. Restrict access to sensitive client information so you can protect customer personal data.
  • FuseBase AI. Streamline customer communication processes with FuseBase AI to summarize your team discussions, edit any type of content, provide personalized responses for each customer and get advice on how you can scale your customer support operations.


  • Free plan is available
  • Standard – starts at $99/month. Contact sales for pricing


Braze is one of the Best 8 Customer Engagement Software Solution in 2023. Image by Nimbs

An effective customer relationship management (CRM) tool, Braze provides customer-facing teams with the means to increase customer satisfaction. It reveals innovative methods to accelerate business expansion at the company’s own pace.

Braze helps businesses of all sizes improve all their data-sharing procedures by incorporating first-rate support and service into their operations. Braze has a built-in reporting platform where users can track campaign key metrics. 

Braze can also aid companies in gaining customer satisfaction by helping them better comprehend customer data and tailor their interactions with them. Braze also enables users to communicate with customers in a highly customized, real-time manner via any appropriate digital medium.

Best features

  • Segmentation. Segment your existing customers and use all their information to group them into manageable groups.
  • Multi-lingual. Allow your sales reps the opportunity to communicate with clients in their native language to gain their trust and loyalty.
  • App & Browser Messaging. Send engaging personalized messages to app users and website visitors.
  • Content card. Increase customer experience on websites, apps and elsewhere by including it in them.
  • Optimization. Generate new data and ideas while expanding audiences.
  • Data analytics tools. Analyze data in real time to discover trends and customer insights, as well as performance.


Braze’s subscription plans are flexible and adaptable to meet the specific requirements of any organization. For additional information, please contact their sales support team.


Dialpad is one of the Best 8 Customer Engagement Software Solution in 2023. Image by Nimbus

Another option in the list of best customer engagement software is Diapad. It is made to improve customer engagement and support customer conversations, boost the sales process, and work together with the support team to enhance the customer experience. Before deciding on a marketing approach, Dialpad can help organizations see the entire client journey. It provides potent access to interact with clients and answer their questions wherever possible.

Dailpad’s powerful AI-powered tools provide an intelligent platform that increases productivity, streamlines interactions across digital, omnichannel, and other interactive channels, and ultimately leads to higher customer retention rates. Dialpad is designed to enhance communication in order to increase user engagement.

Best features

  • Contact Center AI. Help your business increase agent efficiency and strengthen customer touchpoints through outbound, omnichannel engagements.
  • VoIP Service. Handle all your incoming and outgoing phone conversations from a single interface.
  • AI Voice. Manage all call activities, like call routing, forwarding, IVR, etc.
  • AI Meetings. Collaborate with customer success teams across multiple channels like voice call conference call apps, screen sharing, and more to enhance productivity.
  • Intelligence & analytics. Analyze customer interactions and get valuable insights across interactions, campaign performance, engagement strategy, and more to improve customer experiences.
  • Power Dialer. Automate the phone call process for high-volume calls, including real-time call monitoring, multi-country call campaigns, etc.


  • Standard – $15/user/month
  • Pro – $25/user/month
  • Enterprise – contact their sales support team


Intercom is one of the Best 8 Customer Engagement Software Solution in 2023. Image by Nimbus

According to our research, Intercom could be one of the best customer engagement platforms for increasing an enterprise’s profits, customer loyalty, and output. Intercom strives for personalized digital interaction between customer interactions in order to deliver an impactful onboarding customer experience.

Intercom offers a variety of tools that allow companies to improve customer interaction and increase conversions. These include an email marketing system, articles in the help center, an outbox message, and many more. Its customizable bots prioritize and route contacts to provide efficient customer support.

Intercom customer engagement software can be used by any company to improve customer experience, marketing teams’ productivity, revenue, and marketing teams’ efficiency.

Best features

  • Shared Inbox. Expand productivity through a shared inbox that fits the specific needs of your sales team and facilitates communication, collaboration, and insight sharing across media.
  • Marketing. Maximize customer engagement with Multichannel campaign execution through the Intercom Series.
  • Automation. Reduce the need for marketing teams to support staff and increase happy clients using AI-driven marketing automation software.
  • Integration. Benefit from tight connectivity with other services by linking your CRM, marketing hub, email, etc.
  • Analytics & Reporting. Analyze & track the campaigns, team performance, and customer journey to identify and improve performance across the business, etc.


  • Starter – starting from $74/month
  • Pro – contact their sales support team
  • Premium – contact their sales support team

Zendesk Suite

ZenDesk is one of the Best 8 Customer Engagement Software Solution in 2023. Image by Nimbus

Using Zendesk Suite, you can build trustworthy relationships with your customers by facilitating conversation across several channels. Zendesk Suite has many features that help you examine and improve customer behavior for better engagement.

Zendesk Suite offers customizable tools for segmented customers to improve after-sales service and build long-lasting relationships. It hopes to unite businesses and their target audiences through mediums such as social media, discussion boards, emails, chat rooms, online communities, webinars, and more. It’s the most effective strategy to understand user behavior and win customer support through meeting those demands. 

Best features

  • 24/7 support. Manage basic customer queries using an AI-powered chatbot in the absence of customer support humans.
  • Omnichannel. Use various methods of contact with clients to maximize customer experience at every turn.
  • Segmentation. Collect data from your customer surveys based on their preference to offer excitable solutions, prompt support, build customer loyalty, etc.
  • Automation. Enjoy automated tools to simplify workflow and provide exceptional customer journeys.
  • Analytics & reports. Use analytics and reports to understand customer behavior, requirements, etc.
  • Integrated A/B Testing. Split testing experiments that split the audience to check the customer behavior.
  • Knowledge Base Support. Self-service portal to resolve customer queries quickly without connecting any representative.


  • Suite Team – $55 per agent/month
  • Suite Growth – $89 per agent/month
  • Suite Professional – $115 per agent/month
  • Suite Enterprise – contact their sales support team for a comprehensive solution that meets all your enterprise needs.


NubSpot is one of the Best 8 Customer Engagement Software Solution in 2023. Image by Nimbus

HubSpot is another well-known CRM and marketing and sales hub that is both flexible and powerful. This customer engagement software has sales tools for everything.

In addition to standard CRM features, HubSpot Marketing Hub provides access to sales automation and lead-generating resources for enterprises.

Its Sales & Service Hub has fun tools that simplify email marketing, improve engagement strategy, and strengthen proactive outreach. HubSpot’s primary goal is to help organizations streamline sales team work and build customer interactions through a variety of channels of communication.

Best features

  • Contest strategies. Create fun and useful contests, like giveaways, to get customers interested.
  • Customer Portal. Empower customers to keep track of interaction, give customer feedback, and check the real-time status of open requests.
  • Knowledge Base. Self-serve to reduce the number of support requests and transform frequently asked questions into searchable libraries and more.
  • Omnichannel. Enhance customer experience by accessing multiple channels to meet their needs wherever they are.
  • Live Chat. Connect with your customers in real time and strengthen relationships through meaningful interactions by using live chat.


  • Professional – starts at $450/month
  • Enterprise – starts at $1,200/month


Freshdesk is one of the Best 8 Customer Engagement Software Solution in 2023. Image by Nimbus

Freshdesk is an online customer success platform that provides robust tools for dealing with customers. The Freshdesk customer engagement platform is designed to facilitate communication at every stage of the customer journey. The CEP in Freshdesk allows users to coordinate and monitor customer service efforts across several channels from a single interface. 

Users may also empower their staff to respond quickly to customer inquiries, provide a unique experience during the customer journey, maintain constant engagement, and spot possibilities to upsell and cross-sell. 

Best features

  • Customer Timeline. Overview interactions across customer journeys from multiple channels, like social media, chat, phone, email, etc.
  • Chat & Messaging App. Manage, monitor, and provide assistance for all of your company’s chats and messages across all platforms (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.).
  • Ticket Management. Manage, assign, organize, track, and resolve customer queries through a robust ticket system effortlessly.
  • Feedback & Analytics. Analyze client input from various channels using KPIs like customer satisfaction index (CSAT) to boost participation.
  • Integration. Use a landing page builder to create your own apps or application programming interface (API) and integrate them with the existing customer database.


  • Free
  • Growth – $15 per agent/month
  • Pro – $49 per agent/month
  • Enterprise – $79 per agent/month


SalesForce is one of the Best 8 Customer Engagement Software Solution in 2023. Image by Nimbus

Salesforce Experience Cloud aims to increase customer engagement by improving the customer experience. Any company can equip its sales teams to create safe, digital, and engaging experiences with the help of Salesforce Cloud’s pre-built solutions.

Exciting tools like pre-built customer support templates for self-service portals help teams provide a better experience. Additional features that boost sales revenue include simple connectivity to link with client data from any source, higher levels of on-site interaction thanks to personalized profile badges, and more. Connecting with clients, strengthening connections, and expanding business are all goals of Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Best features

  • Content Management. Increase customer involvement and loyalty with content that you create and control across all social media using customizable templates.
  • Customer Portal. Complete customer access to track and manage all open requests’ real-time status during the customer journey.
  • Case Management. Improve efficiency by centralizing case management on a single system.
  • Community. Build a solid online community with badges that people can use to recognize each other’s skills and knowledge.
  • Dashboard. Get an overview of team performance, interactions, and sales cycle to ensure appropriate process workflows and connect with customers.


  • Customer Community – $2 per login or $5 per member/month
  • Customer Community Plus – $6 per login or $15 per member/month

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus): Solution for Customer  Success

Consumer engagement has become essential for success in today’s competitive business landscape. Although it may seem complicated, improving customer engagement and maintaining positive customer relationships is feasible. With the right tools, a personalized approach, and a focus on the customer, your business can earn a place in the hearts of your customers and at the top of their busy inboxes.

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) is available to assist you in getting started with customer engagement management software if you’re at that point. FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) will improve your customer engagement initiatives, unite your team’s communications with those of your clients, and give each of your users a safe and unique online experience.

Try out FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) without any fear of missing out on the endless opportunities it provides. Start your engagement revolution.

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