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Expert advice for getting your team on a board of growth mindset

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How to Help Your Teams Develop a Growth Mindset: 5 Simple Tips

According to a study by the World Economic Forum, resilience, flexibility and stress tolerance will be some of the top work skills by 2025. Adapting to new changes is crucial in a workplace — it helps you deal with new challenges and more complicated tasks much more easily and more efficiently.

These skills are also the distinctive features of a well-developed growth mindset. This helps your team upgrade their leadership skills and strive for more. Such an approach is great to embrace if your company wants to ensure proper development and constantly evolve without experiencing significant difficulties.

So what’s a growth mindset? And how can you implement it at work? We’ve got some valuable insights and want to share them with you. So, keep reading to find out more about this innovative approach!

What’s Your Team’s Mentality?

When you work inside a team, it’s important to share goals and have a common vision for completing projects and achieving business goals without issues. A team’s mentality or mindset helps shape the group vision and turn your employees from separate individuals into united team members.

Employees and managers may follow plenty of patterns to collaborate with greater efficiency. Some of these work mindsets are more traditional and don’t promote motivation to drastically change anything. Some of them, on the contrary, are quite progressive and encourage team members to constantly adapt to something. Quite often, enormous stress comes next.

However, there are also more relaxed approaches. They promote resilience and striving for leadership in a more grounded, non-stressful way. Such mindsets are based on constant learning, complex problem-solving and developing critical thinking.

Why a growth mindset works well for teams

A growth mindset team builds on accepting new challenges and isn’t afraid of potential risks and threats. This type of corporate mindset explains that there are plenty of opportunities for any new idea, success and even failure.

Companies embracing growth help their teams and departments develop new skill sets, and become more stress-resistant and flexible. This approach promotes originality, transparency and creativity, which are crucial in product development, coming up with new projects and improving the existing ones.

Here are some of the reasons why having a fixed growth mindset is quite helpful for your teammates:

  • It develops leadership skills and helps employees to express themselves freely. Once they learn that voicing their opinions is a great value for the company, it’ll become easier for your colleagues to share new ideas and feedback, provide useful advice and even manage their entire teams. By growing as individuals, they develop the whole team as well;
  • Growth mindsets encourage the team to take risks and experiment with new products or services. Once you start working on new projects or improving your existing products, you need to think forward and generate new concepts to make your brand stand out. Even if you think an idea is crazy, give it a try and see how it goes;
  • It promotes the discovery of new tools, methods and practices. Once you start embracing growth among your teammates, they’ll start realizing that their knowledge isn’t limited to apps, tools and methods they’re currently using. Hence, your team will search for new means of collaborating, creating content or managing communication with customers.

Best Tips to Help Cultivate Growth Mindsets in Your Employees

If you want to ensure regular, fixed growth among your teams and departments but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find the five most valuable tips for the successful, smooth creation of a growth mindset team. They’re easy to implement and ensure every employee will get clear instructions and learn a bit more about the importance of embracing a growth mindset.

Tip 1. Start small

It’s impossible to cultivate growth mindset without a clear action plan. You first need to prepare a detailed list of tasks, tools and methods that would ensure a smooth and fast transition. Transparency is key to implementing this approach effectively. Also, it would be wise to inform your colleagues during a group meeting and prepare them for the changes beforehand.

Tip 2. Encourage employees to speak up

It’s no surprise that great ideas can come up unexpectedly. That’s why you should encourage all the individuals from your team to constantly share feedback and any new ideas they might have. It’s vital to make everyone feel heard and keep track of all the fresh thoughts on your future or current projects.

Tip 3. Ensure proper knowledge sharing among your colleagues and employees

To cultivate growth mindset among your team members, don’t forget to ensure proper knowledge sharing. You should provide systematized, well-structured manuals, guides, and materials everyone would need to understand how the transition will take place, what’s needed from them and what changes embracing growth mindsets will bring.

Tip 4. Invest in upskilling and extra training for employees

Your employees already have well-defined skill sets. Do you want to make a growth mindset work properly inside your team? Think of providing extra training and upskilling for your team members. Create and provide access to new knowledge bases, make your teammates constantly learn and gain new experiences. This will promote innovative ideas, creativity and motivation to grow and evolve as individuals and team players.

Tip 5. Consider both failures and successes as opportunities for growth

Put some effort into making your colleagues learn that mistakes and failures are a natural part of every process. However, help them embrace mishaps as new growth opportunities for them and your company. This way, your employees will not just work on their mistakes better but also think about how they can “upgrade” and turn them into great possibilities.

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