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Nimbus Integration


Nimbus Platform can embed many popular services including Google Drive, YouTube, GitHub, etc. Additionally, you can inject third-party services right inside Web Version and Nimbus Shared Pages using JS/HTML code to integrate Intercom-like chats, chatbots, analytics, call-to-action services.

Embed services

Add needed services right into your doc and utilize the power of visual integration. Just embed the link in a few clicks and let the magic begin. The link previews are interactable – that means you can edit Google Docs, watch Youtube videos, or fill in Typeforms right in the page. You can integrate as many services as you wish. The list of supported services for integration is large and constantly growing.

JS/HTML Integrations for Web Version and Shared Pages

Automate your flow with Zapier in Nimbus

Connect Nimbus to other apps and ease your flow. No code, no deep technical knowledge required. Just choose what actions you want to save time on and pull the trigger on them. Read more about actions and triggers in our guide.

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