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Interact More Efficiently with All Your Files in One Document Portal

Compile and organize all necessary information and files from the start and move your projects forward

Recognized with numerous awards

Why FuseBase Client Portal Fits for Document Share and Collaboration

Save 3 hours a day searching for information

Organize and structure project files from client briefs to deliverables.

Boost productivity by 45%

Manage, collaborate and deliver your projects in one portal.

Cut project approval time twice

Give your clients a full project image and make the approval process faster for everyone

How to Organize Your Workflow within a Document Portal

Only a couple of steps separate you from building an efficient workflow in your customer document portal

1. Collect Desired Docs, Files and Visuals via Portal Forms

Create a single form for numerous stakeholders to collect all project inputs in one place. Record explanations and describe what and where files should be uploaded avoiding document mess.

2. Work Through All Information with Your Team

Apart from a client portal, your team gets an internal work hub. You can assign tasks and give feedback via comments or chats. Polish and perfect your work before sending deliverables to clients.

3. Share Deliverables and Get Client Approval

Avoid long iteration threads. Discuss details with your clients the same place you work on the project. Add deliverables for approval and notify your clients once everything is ready.

What People Are Saying About Our Document Portal

Before FuseBase, we could not find a time and cost-effective way to share data with our clients. We would need to share large lists of contacts, pages of copy for them to review, and of course share campaign metrics. This of course was not ideal as it was messy and some tools were not intuitive for our clients to use.


FuseBase comprehensive suite of tools allows us to create professional images, documentation, and videos with just a few clicks. We’re able to control how & when we share our content, and keep it consistent with our brand, ensuring a consistent, trusted experience for our customers.


FuseBase makes it easier for people to build processes around the information they consume. You can easily save articles, and organize everything in one place. My community can easily manage and acquire new skills without the confusion and overwhelming feeling of consuming tons of information out there.


What Else You Can Do with FuseBase

Eager to Try?

Start keeping your docs in one branded space. Get access today, or learn more details from our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Document Portal Software

A document portal is a secure online platform for storing and sharing important documents with clients. You can use it as a dedicated space where clients can access, review, and collaborate on project-related files, such as reports, contracts, design assets, meeting notes, and more.

There are multiple benefits of creating a document portal. Here are the main ones:

  1. Centralized Access: A document portal provides a single space for finding all relevant project documents without searching for information in emails or multiple file-sharing platforms.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration: Clients can collaborate with your team directly via the portal. They can provide you with feedback, request revisions, and approve deliverables.
  3. Security and Control: Create a secure client document portal and set different types of permissions and access. Ensure that only authorized members can view and edit documents.
  4. Version Control and History: With a document portal, you can maintain a clear record of document versions, revisions, and the history of client interactions.
  5. Time Savings: You can reduce time spent on manual document distribution, email exchanges, and searching for the latest versions.

To create a client document portal that wows your team and clients, first sign up for FuseBase first. Find the “Portal” icon in the left sidebar of your FuseBase workspace and fill in the required information. After a few minutes of setting up, you can freely use your document portal.

FuseBase Portals designed and powered by FuseBase are built in a way that gives you full information about the project and the company’s services. The best part of FuseBase is that your clients can control the whole working process without any additional efforts from their side or yours. They just need to have access to where all information is gathered together. For example, you add meeting notes to your portal and your clients see the next steps in their project and at which stage you are. That prevents you from emailing your client each time something has changed or delays occurred.

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