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Build Better OneHub Client Portal

Achieve more for less with an improved version of OneHub Client Portal. Get your top-notch results with no developers involved

Client Portal

Trusted and Recognized by Multiple Users

See what you miss out with OneHub Client Portal

Digital Agencies

Intuitive Design

Make your space easy to navigate, access and download documents and files.

Consulting Firms

Collaborative Options

Cooperate with your partners and clients right where your project files are. 

Individual Consultants and Coaches

200K + Integrations

Connect more tools than you could possibly add to a OneHub client portal.


What You Can Build with a Client Portal

  • Client Dashboard
  • Project Tracker
  • Forms / Surveys
  • Knowledge Base

Client Dashboard

Show everything that interests your client about the project - docs, payment history, results and more.

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Client Dashboard in Nimbus Platform

Project Tracker

Avoid tons of messages about the project status. Keep work transparent to clients in an improved OneHub client portal.

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Forms and Surveys

Ensure you know all clients' preferences before, during and after the project. Brief effectively and get feedback.

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Knowledge Base

Store meeting notes, agreements, project documentation and more. Create one source of truth for everyone.

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Knowledge Base in Nimbus Portals

Key Benefits of an Improved OneHub Client Portal

Portal Builder

No tech team and designers involved. Build and customize a better version of OneHub client portal on your own.

  • No code powers;
  • Full customization – your logo, colors, domain;
  • Permission settings – you decide who sees and edits portal information.

Collaborative Client Space

A simple and intuitive area for your clients. Accessing via one magic link, clients can easily interact on projects in real time.

  • Forms & surveys – client data in one place;
  • Task tracking – transparent project process;
  • Chats – centralized communication.

Internal Backoffice

Collaborate with your team in a backoffice and connect results to a client portal in one click. No more lost time on data transfer.

  • Content editor – easily created deliverables;
  • Internal chats & comments – real-time collab;
  • Tasks & Kanban boards – internal project management;
Interact with team inside a work hub

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Better add all information into Nimbus. We support more than 2K integrations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A client portal is a mini-website for checking updates on projects and collaborating on them.

Client portals are part of a collaboration platform with clear UX, a secure system of access and editing rights, branding options and more.

Match your business needs and build client dashboards, intranets, repositories, forms and so on.

Yes, you can easily connect your custom domain. 

Our implementation team can handle all setup processes instead of you. Book a call to tell your requests.

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