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Level Up Your Collaboration with a Real Estate Client Portal ​

Process requests from clients more efficiently and offer them the best variants faster with real estate portals

Recognized with numerous awards

Why You Should Try FuseBase for Your Real Estate Business

Organize everything in one place to help your clients buy, sell and rent properties

Transform your processes


Let your clients be heard and make sure details are considered. Concentrate all client interactions in an all-in-one client portal for real-estate

Look and act professionally

Offer your services under your brand. Share portals with your custom URL, colors and logos. Promote your services and stand out from others

Boost client experience

Create a simple way to share options and get feedback on them. No more login & registration mess, one secure link solves everything

How You Can Work with Real Estate Client Portals in FuseBase

Streamline Your Workflow

Collect, structure and discuss options for each client to find the best variants faster and more effectively.
  • Create one source of truth that you and your clients can check and update
  • Let your clients control request execution via tasks and reminders.
  • Get client feedback on the possible variants and finalize the agreements

Showcase Your Professionalism

Turn your real estate client portal into a mini website without a tech team. Create a portal on your own and adapt it to different clients.
  • Set a custom URL and send client portal notifications under your name
  • Upload logo, choose portal theme and colors to match your company’s identity 
  • View analytics to better understand client queries and improve your interactions

Give One-Point Entry

Simplify your clients’ journey and help them make requests and discuss details without additional registrations
  • Choose the roles and editing rights for visitors in your private client portal
  • Generate secure one-link access and send it to your clients
  • Send more links or cancel access to the real-estate client portal anytime

Why People Use Real Estate Client Portal Powered by FuseBase

“It’s a lot easier from a client’s perspective now to access all the information they need as well as being able to share their own comments, questions, and concerns. Having a custom-made portal with the option to have it hosted on our domain also makes it look a lot more professional.”

Seb Vissers

“FuseBase offers some great services like account management, integrated cloud storage options, collaborative workspace for the team and many more. It has made our work a lot easier, and I have ended up recommending to a few of my peers to incorporate Nimbus in their projects and they cannot thank me enough for this.”

Aritra Ghosh

What Else You Can Do with FuseBase

Elevate Your Client Experience Hassle-Free

Set up a real estate client portal now or book a call to discuss details with one of our experts.

Get a Sneak Peek on Managing Your Projects

Watch how you can boost your results by setting workflow with Nimbus Platform

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