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Share, View and Work on Docs Easier with a Google Drive Client Portal

Integrate Google Drive into a single portal with other tools and forget about scattered information from multiple sources

Recognized with numerous awards

Why You Should Try a Google Drive Client Portal

To solve collaboration and information management hurdles, we’ve created client portals to organize seamless processes around Google Drive and other tools.

Integrate Multiple Tools Under One Roof

No more scattered information and cluttered inboxes. Connect Google Drive and other tools and concentrate your communication and information flows in one place.

Avoid File Mess and Make Navigation Easy

Develop a clear information hierarchy and easily access all project details. No need to recall the file context, you already have the full picture properly structured.

Get More Than Super Documents

Go beyond just creating files and sharing their links. Turn a Google Drive client portal into one work hub for the entire project cycle. Get feedback, edit files and deliver results.

How You Can Benefit from a Google Drive Portal in FuseBase

Concentrate Everything in One Portal

FuseBase supports over 2000 integrations including Google Drive in portals. No need to duplicate information from other tools. Keep everything in one place.

Seamlessly Collaborate on Your Information

Process details you get from your clients via Google Drive or collect everything directly with portals. Discuss the project, assign tasks and send results for client approvals. What’s more, you can set automatic reminders to make sure nobody misses a thing.

Make It Clear and Accessible for Clients

Let your clients see the whole picture with our client portal software. Turn your portal into a mini-website with no code involved and add all the project details there. You’ll update your clients in real time while keeping a professional image.

What People Are Saying About Our Google Drive Client Portals

“FuseBase has made our work a lot easier. I have explored the FuseBase dashboard and it offers some great services like account management, integrated cloud storage options, collaborative workspace for the team and many more.”
Aritra Ghosh, Analyst at Amazon
“Before FuseBase, we could not find a time and cost-effective way to share data with our clients. We would need to share large lists of contacts, pages of copy for them to review, and of course share campaign metrics. This of course was not ideal as it was messy and some tools were not intuitive for our clients to use.”
Seb Vissers, Marketing Manager at Leadable

“FuseBase makes it easier for people to build processes around the information they consume. You can easily save articles, and organize everything in one place. My community can easily manage and acquire new skills without the confusion and overwhelming feeling of consuming tons of information out there.”

Monnel Espiritu, Co-Founder of Skillful.Club

What You Can Also Do with FuseBase

There is more to FuseBase than just white-label client portal software.
Supercharge your productivity with all FuseBase solutions.

Boost Your Information Management

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