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With Nimbus, all of the data for every member of your team is made secure!


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Data backups

While keeping your team data secure is critically important, it’s also vital to ensure that you never lose data. Frequent data backups ensure that no data will be lost in the unlikely event of a hardware or system failure. With Nimbus Note, team data is duplicated and sent to a separate, secure, reliable Amazon S3 server. We go one step further to validate the backup data after each and every update.

Bank-grade encryption

At Nimbus Note, we maintain the highest commitment to keeping your data safe. This encryption is always active — both when data is transmitted and when it is in storage. Nimbus Note employ the same 128-bit SSL encryption in use by major online financial services. SSL provides a secure connection anytime data is sent or received. Any data that you store in Nimbus Note is encrypted with 

256-bit AES encryption.

Physical security

In addition to encryption and digital security, your Nimbus Note data is also protected by strong physical security measures. EC2 cloud servers reside within hardened Amazon facilities in nondescript locations, each surrounded by military-grade perimeters. Physical access is tightly controlled by two-factor authentication and 24-hour security escorts.

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