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Boost Conversions with Customer Testimonial Templates

Testimonials are product endorsements used as powerful marketing tools to instill confidence into potential customers. Great testimonials speak to potential customers directly about the product or service by highlighting their advantages. A good customer testimonial transmits positive feedback and a certain social proof to the prospective client. An aspiring business owner aiming to minimize the effort of creating marketing materials might want to use special customer testimonial templates, which allows one to publish such online reviews more easily and effectively.

What is a Customer Testimonial Template?

A testimonial form template is a pre-designed format of customer recommendations that allows the business promotion team to publish authentic success stories as social media posts, blog posts or other social media channels to increase sales. The promotion/marketing team can make use of such templates when they first collect testimonials and other user generated content and then feed the required information for business promotion to build emotional connection and attract new customers. The promotional material containing testimonial examples speaks directly to customers and addresses the issue from a first-person perspective as if the presenter were giving personal recommendations or using the customer’s experience as a real world example to solve a particular case. Using a client testimonial template provides clear benefit because it can save precious time required to develop a format best-suited for your target audience.

What is a Customer Testimonial Template. Image powered by Nimbus Platform

Usually, customer testimonials will contain customer quotes to describe the customer’s overall satisfaction about the product or service and work as influencer testimonials or a social proof, adding confidence and attracting more customers. Such first-hand feedback means you can expect to improve business conversion and increase sales, while turning your leads into loyal customers.

As a marketing strategy, you can ask your current customers on your customer base for their opinion. You can provide a testimonial example to a well-known person or professional and ask them to make a video testimonial that will help to draw in other customers and serve as a notable advantage to your public image. You can add personal experiences as a testimonial on your website’s home page, product or service catalog.

While designing a home page or product pages of your website, you can mark space for publishing client testimonials. Using such templates is an effective marketing strategy, as effective testimonials help your business conversion.

Why Should You Use a Template for Testimonials?

Client endorsements and other types of testimonials help with business conversion. Using clients’ first-hand reviews is a clever way of marketing to create a positive impression of the product. A great testimonial speaks in first person format and elaborates on the product positively but casually – as mere personal recommendations given to other customers whom the author wishes well. An effective testimonial looks authentic, that helping to build trust and increase sales. These authentic reviews, and even more so endorsements by selected famous figures, can break the market barriers and touch the target audience. Ifsuch an influencer testimonial is presented authentically with cross-verification options, it can do wonders and even go viral across social media, which will, as a result, yield increased market conversions.

You can place customers’ opinions and recommendations in different formats. Text testimonials in a blog post, a testimonial video, a review (like one found on Google reviews), or even a portion published as part of an interview. If you post such customers testimonials on social media or your website they will be accessible to more prospective clients, and you will have more chances to make sales. You can also consider publishing video endorsements, as a good testimonial video can resonate across numerous social media channels, creating far-reaching impacts.

Using a product testimonial template will make publishing comparatively easy because it will reduce the effort of making a template from scratch. You can straightaway start using testimonials templates and feed the relevant information for publication. It can be used to increase product or service awareness, especially with cross-verification possibilities, by sharing personal details, such as a customer name, professional details and accessibility details. Such promotion will work like person-to-person marketing or word-of-mouth advertising that can help to make more business. The impact of such marketing efforts may become tremendous and bring a notable advantage because most customers believe the endorsements are accurate and the message radiates a true reflection of the product.

Using customer testimonials is a great business marketing strategy to tell prospective customers what the existing users and customers think about your products or services. Moreover, using testimonial templates makes the process so much easier. So, adopting such a marketing aid is one of the best practical marketing tools for better business conversion.

What Makes a Great Template for a Customer Testimonial?

In a nutshell, client endorsement can win prospective customers’ hearts quickly. It should have features with a pre-formatted space where the marketing team can put the proper matters for publication to get customers’ attention. The client testimonial templateshould have options to answer the questions provided and must be editable. It must be digital and shareable (for example, as email templates) among the PR team members and decision-makers.

The following details are an essential part of a template for customer endorsement, if you want to get successful results:

  • The best testimonials must address the concerns about a product from the customer’s point of view.
What Makes a Great Template for a Customer Testimonial. Image powered by Nimbus Platform
  • The client testimonials must show the product or service’s best use.
  • They must focus on the advantages and positive sides of your products or services.
  • There should be a highlight on the right segment of the target audience; only then can the message reach the right audience.
  • The client or influencer testimonial must also emphasize how long the endorser has used the products or services reviewed.
  • Whatever types of testimonials you post, they must have a reasonable claim to solve the customer’s problem beyond any doubt.

Benefits of Customer Testimonial Template

The top benefit of this type of endorsement is business conversion. There can be different types, but the marketing team must use the correct testimonials and  publish or circulate them in the proper context. For example, a merchandise or service meant for monsoon season must use advertising materials for that particular season in order to yield more effective business conversion. Any seasonal merchandise must have supporting product testimonials exactly matching the season.

Marketing a product or service using a testimonial can build an emotional connection and win the customer’s trust, thus having a positive effect on the number of successful leads. The emotion conveyed will have a crucial role in decision-making. Here comes the importance of testimonial templates. Customer-endorsed opinions speak directly to the prospective customers, tapping into their emotions. Such reviews develop trust and enhance the brand’s reputation.

The following are ten benefits of customer product testimonials:

  1. They help with word-of-mouth marketing.
  2. Testimonials develop a direct connection with prospective customers.
  3. They can enhance brand reputation and awareness.
  4. Customer testimonialsserve as a social proof and can build trust and credibility for the service or product.
  5. They help draw more attention to the brand.
  6. A great testimonial provides positive feedback, which can create more fans of the merchandise.
  7. The promotion effort becomes less cumbersome.
  8. Such success stories develop enhanced market engagement.
  9. SEO activities become relatively easy and improve traffic to the company’s website.
  10. Effective testimonials help spark quick business conversions.

How Can You Build a Template for Customers’ Testimonials?

Before developing testimonial templates, you must understand the core aspect of the subject and customers’ requirements. A customer testimonial is the customer’s opinion about the merchandise or service. So, to have the desired effect, you must draft the template in such a way to get the marketing results. Testimonials differ from reviews; they will be written in a first-person narrative, highlighting the benefits or how the merchandise helped to achieve the desired result.

How Can You Build a Template for Customers’ Testimonials. Image powered by Nimbus Platform

For a deep study on customer testimonials, do a case study, which will give a better understanding of what types of testimonials will suit you best.Some testimonials are more suitable for businesses dealing with products or services that require heavy investment, others will differ, so think about how your products or services work and who your customers are.

While developing a testimonial form template, consider the following critical points:

  1. You must have a good understanding of what you want to say.
  2. Be specific with your questions.
  3. Make sure that the tone is conversational.
  4. Provide some personal details, such as the customer name and/or photo, to enhance credibility and authenticity.

Why Do I Need a Customer Testimonial?

You must have a customer testimonial to get more business conversions, resulting in better sales and market ranking. A great testimonial is vital for your brand awareness because it helps your product gain market consolidation. Better market consolidation means you can quickly win the market by establishing trust and credibility. It will connect your product or service emotionally to the prospective leads, turn them into your customers, and then happy customers will become fans and advocates of your product. A good product testimonial becomes a part of the customer feedback service, which will be used for marketing purposes with a proper permission.

Audiences who go through different types of testimonials will not naturally consider them a marketing campaign because of the tone of the language they use. The authenticity will emotionally influence the customers, creating a positive attitude. When a customer feels happy with your merchandise or service, you can encourage them to put it in writing, which will then do wonders in supporting your brand. Here the trust factor works better than an expensive model-oriented marketing campaign.

Generally, customer views are considered genuine and have a serious marketing effect. As a result, there will be higher business conversions because an effective testimonial will significantly influence prospective customers. Happy customers will naturally promote your product. All these things happen because of great testimonials.

The requirements for testimonials vary according to the product or service. However, you can consider developing pre-formatted templates for meeting quick marketing requirements that can save you from marketing delays.

Testimonial templates can be are as follows:

  1. Describing a product
  2. Describing a service
  3. A case study  testimonial template
  4. A direct quote
  5. An email request
  6. Describing a problem resolution
  7. A video testimonial
  8. A third-party opinion
  9. A review from an influencer
  10. A press release

Apart from the above, you can develop more pre-formatted templates according to your marketing plan, which can ease up creating testimonial templates whenever the situation demands.

Why Do Testimonials From Customers Work?

Customer endorsements are an autopilot mode of marketing. It will run by itself without any extra effort. Typically, they do not carry any sales pitch; instead, a good customer testimonial is delivered like a first-person statement and will have more authenticity with a personal touch. So, it will work better than an expensive promotional scheme. The first-person message delivered without personal benefit will undoubtedly attract prospective clients/customers, and the testimonial, whether it is a text message or a kind of video testimonials, will emotionally influence decision-making. Since the people shown in such messages or customer videos are real people, it will have a stronger market impact, resulting in higher business conversion.

The following are some informative tips to understand why customer testimonials work to attract more business and increase website traffic.

  1. Photo and name: Inserting a photo and name of the person who is sharing their customer’s experience can increase the confidence and trust to the testimonial. It may help the audience to understand the message from a real person, which will achieve better business results.
Boost Conversions with Customer Testimonial Templates. Image by FuseBase (formerly Nimbus)
  1. Put a video clip: Video testimonials can add more authenticity to the testimonial. When a customer shows up and speaks about your product or service, it has a more immediate and lasting impact than just reading a review. A video testimonial must be short and deal with a specific subject.
  2. Target customer issues: While developing a template for customers’ testimonials, identify the real issues and how your product or service can address customers’ problems. You must also be mindful of selecting messages to speak to all the targeted communities, which will be more effective in establishing the right reach.
  3. No fakes: You must never use any fake opinions or fake customers. It is possible to track the customer’s identity and, if proven, a fake will adversely affect the publicity campaign.
  4. Use the testimonials everywhere: Once you have the templates ready, you can post them wherever it is possible to attract potential customers as well as provide prompts to current customers. Place various types, including video testimonials, on your own website: on the home page, contact page, exclusive testimonial page or landing pages, as well as on social media.
  5. Matching product testimonials: Use only matching statements relevant to your product or service. A good testimonial example will have the quality to catch the prospective customer’s eye through meeting their specific requirements. It must also address the specific quality of the product.

Why Should You Use B2B Product Testimonials?

The B2B testimonial template is different from the B2C endorsement. In Business-to-Business endorsements, the focus will be on products and services, your ability to accomplish the business/service promise, and your professional service history/experience.

Presently marketing/business promotion teams use various types of B2B testimonial endorsements. Typically, for B2B it can be a LinkedIn endorsement, a social media testimonial, B2B email templates, a testimonial on a landing page, third-party website endorsements, video testimonials, case study recommendations, etc.

All the above B2B recommendations are used to get more business conversion, website traffic and product awareness. Most prospective customers need a highe trust quotient for a product or service and tend to delay the decision because they are doubtful about the product. Good B2B testimonial statements can change their attitude, and the recommendations can radiate trust signals and instill confidence in the buyer, influencing the decision-making process.


The tone of advertising material influences the audience. How it is presented plays a decisive role, and the effect it can bring on customers to make a decision should not leave any iota of doubt. Using customer testimonials in advertisements can send an unbiased message to the audience and have a decisive influence on helping business conversion. Best testimonials help to establish trust and credibility for the product. Using a proper template reduces the dependency on creating new formats for each marketing campaign. So, if your product or service requires frequent marketing efforts, it is worth developing and using a customer testimonial template.

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