Make Your Team Meetings More Productive. Here’s How

The survey done by Atlassian reveals that 50% of all meetings are considered irrelevant or distracting. Employees of all levels, including managers, suffer from ineffective meetings. Some of them multitask during the calls, others experience Zoom anxiety, and the rest simply find these meetings a waste of time, which is one of the main priorities at work.

As of 2022, 16% of all the companies worldwide are fully remote. This number keeps growing. The remote format is convenient and time-savvy: many employees find a perfect option for themselves. With the increasing popularity of remote jobs, the need for online meetings is growing too so that managers and team members can properly catch up. However, that’s why calls are getting less and less valued — 50% of surveyed employees claim their meetings are unproductive.

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So how can you bring faith in meetings back to your team and increase their effectiveness? We got this! In this post, you’ll find some helpful techniques for making online team meetings more enjoyable and productive with no extra effort. Plus, we’ll tell you about a superb solution that’ll help you do this. But more on that later!

Why Meeting Preparation is Necessary

However boring and time-consuming this may seem, team call preparation is one of the top priorities for arranging an effective meeting. Let’s just look at the statistics: 20% of European managers claim their decision-making suffers due to a lack of meeting preparation.

That’s why we picked some of the key reasons your company should practice meeting planning.

Higher concentration on essential problems

Hence, more involved employees and more productive calls. If your team members see you’ve got an agenda and a well-structured order of topics, they’ll be interested in following it to start working on the main goals right away. Spare some time for questions after you’ve delivered the key material to your coworkers.

Less time wasted on chit chatting

If you know your team has priorities to discuss, there won’t be any time for small talk and excessive conversations. You’ll have a clear structure, follow it, and the meeting wraps up. Your team members will have enough time for communication afterward.

No more sloppy pauses and awkward silence

Once you’ve developed an agenda, it’ll save you a lot of meeting minutes and the nerves of your team members. If you have a clear structure, you won’t have problems thinking of what to say next and what items you still need to cover.

Tips on Preparing for an Effective Meeting

If you can’t get rid of meetings at your workplace and want to make the most of them, we’ve prepared some helpful tips and techniques to ensure practical discussion of all the essential questions and goals between managers and their employees.

Develop a clear structure for future meetings

Having a meeting agenda significantly saves time and increases the level of engagement of your team members. Prioritize all the most important goals and points, think of the order and possible questions your colleagues might have, and draft some meeting notes. During the call, make sure to have all areas covered and leave room for feedback. Ask if such a structure is suitable for your coworkers and make necessary amends.

Prepare enough questions for discussion

This way, you can decrease the frequency of meetings. One of the best options is to have one long call per week. There, you get to discuss the essential issues and goals and answer everyone’s questions. Think of the most convenient option for you and your team. For example, have a short group discussion to ensure everyone’s comfortable with your ideas.

Have a list of decisions to make during the meeting

Compose a list of key discussion points and, based on them, what decisions you’ll need to make at the meeting. This will help you get more disciplined and productive once you leave the call. You won’t need any extra time for decision-making, and your employees will be able to get to work based on the items you’ve decided right away.

Share the meeting notes ASAP

Create a proper corporate workplace where everyone can see the meeting notes after you’ve had one. There, everyone can see the areas covered during the session, its outcomes, key points and decisions made. Plus, it’s easier to assign individual responsibilities and get feedback on the meeting outcomes.

Give your team members some time to process the materials. They’ll understand their goals better and realize their current tasks. If you’re not sure if this is the best option, read our article on asynchronous communication and how it can improve your team’s efficiency and save you a bunch of meeting minutes.

Make Your Meetings More Productive with Nimbus Platform™

Nimbus Note by Nimbus Platform™ is the perfect solution for those who love proper structure and order in everything they do. This is a user-friendly tool for taking control of your team’s meeting agendas and making them more efficient and less frequent.

Nimbus helps you take care of all the key points of corporate calls before, during and after. It allows creating clear to-do lists and meeting templates, prioritize tasks and add specific notes at any time with no need to put excessive pressure on your coworkers to join another unnecessary meeting.

So how can you and your team benefit from using Nimbus for structuring your meetings and making them more meaningful? Look at some of the essential items the tool offers for this purpose:

  • An intuitive, easy-to-use Nimbus Note app — use it to create meeting agendas and add the key discussion points in a well-structured, proper way. Here, you can also add items like meeting recordings to ensure everyone’s on the same page — even those who didn’t attend. Include helpful highlights and prioritize tasks & items for discussion to create action plans out of them. You can now work properly on tasks to assign to your colleagues and make them 100% clear and detailed;
  • Visual communication with Nimbus Clarity — if you want to shorten meeting minutes at work, use this feature. Record your screen and enable a webcam with a microphone to easily present anything you need. Your colleagues will get a chance to see the materials at any convenient time;
  • Video or audio feedback in Nimbus pages — you can now do this conveniently if you have tasks to assign to individual employees or need to explain a particular point to anyone. Record a video or a voice message instead of typing to save time;
  • Comments and chat features — now, you don’t need to pick an extra messenger or corporate channel. You’re free to maintain all communication directly in the Nimbus app.

Nimbus Platform™ is an effective collaboration tool that allows you to reduce unnecessary meetings and make them more efficient and helpful. Nimbus has a full range of valuable items and options that facilitate proper working on group projects and ensures high-quality asynchronous communication between departments, management and employees.

Get your business account for you and your team. It has a free 14-day trial, no credit card information is required, so dive in and explore!

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