Personas are valuable as an outline of your customers to understand and remember everything important for your company. That will lead you to win the trust and will help to become closer and better understand the target as a human being. Handy for the file of existing employees, or for HR and their work on recruiting new ones.

Get a Persona Profile as a simple and clear template for general needs and decide how valuable this person is for the current role in your company.

Why are Persona Templates so important for your growth?

It's an outline of a customer or how the target faces challenges performing their job. The customer table includes a basic Persona understanding, and moreover is a core that you can easily improve. This is the finished form and the foundation to which you can attach details about the person based on the needs and characteristics of your customers, so you can figure out the level of relevance to the company.

What Are the Options?

You can leave the principle of one person — one note, and collect them in folders, subfolders, and directories. But if you want to compare several customers — we have prepared a different form for you. The table includes the same inspection only for multiple people with the ability to sort by indicators afterwards, such as Soft Skills level. We hope you will meet only the best people on your way: both job associates and customers.

We've prepared the best Persona Template for you!

The template includes two parts: Let's start with the first part — Visual. Here, you can:

  • See who the Persona is (add the name, age and photo);
  • Determine its reality, both past and future (add the previous occupation or where the individual aspires to;
  • Understand what it thoughts and feelings are; they are real people, real customers, regardless of the field of activity: technical or creative.

Second part — a table with the indications. Here, you can:

  • Change the column type and input your impression with grades;
  • Include an outline of the qualities that are important to you;
  • Share this note with other employees as your conclusions about the Persona;
  • Align perceptions about the customer within an entire group of people;

How to use:

  • Add links to social networks and profiles and make them a button, even align a list of those you want to include.
  • Add a date like a birthday or the day of the meeting, you can also set a reminder to not miss an appointment with customers in this aspiring reality.
  • Add a file, like a resume, sent by a person — so it will always be at hand.
  • Add columns to the table, that define important persona building features of a customer, even a list of their favorite books — be creative!
  • Or remove the ones that don't fit you, as every business like a person has its own characteristics, so add details based on your challenges!
  • Sometimes real customers will send you details that are hard to predict — feel free to attach them and send us your ideas in support.