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Button object

Adding a button #

Use buttons to make your pages even more interactive and efficient!

Once you’ve added a link and set the button design, it will guide your readers.

Please note, at the moment, you can attach only public links to buttons. But we are working on adding more options in the future.

Adding a button through the formatting panel #

  • Select the text you want.
  • Select the Button option.
Adding a button through the formatting panel

Appearance of the button #

You can choose the appearance of the button:

  • Title – a text on the button.
Appearance of the button
  • Unique ID.
  • Address – clicking the button opens a specified page.
Appearance of the button
  • Button form (round or rectangular) – by default, the form is round.
Appearance of the button
  • Button color – by default, the color is blue.
Appearance of the button

Actions when selecting button #

When you click on the configured button, you can:

  • Open – open a link.
  • Copy – copy the link to the clipboard.
  • Edit – edit a button.
  • Remove – remove a button.
Actions when selecting button

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