Success story of AJ Rollsy

Author, consultant and entrepreneur

Founder of the CORE Marketing Method


Because I lead two distinct businesses, each with a small remote team and large number of collaboration partners, it can be challenging to ensure information is gathered and shared in a controlled way. Also, a big part of my role is in ideation and synthesizing important concepts from other sources (interviews, meetings, lectures etc). I need a convenient way to very quickly create notes and capture ideas. I then need to be able to sort these and manage them later.


The most frequent way is by me recording short concepts, ideas, and summaries of discussions for later review and management. I’ve also found that Nimbus is an effective way to share and collaborate with my remote team asynchronously as we are on different time zones.


The most immediate result is that I have been more effective on a daily basis in recording key concepts that otherwise may have been lost. I estimate that I have saved about two hours per week and more critically have not lost some information that has proven to be very valuable in my work.

If you need to manage, track, and update all project details and make sure everything gets done on schedule, check our Basic Business Project Tracker Template.

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Venkatesh Balasubramanian

Group CEO
Compunet Connections

“Nimbus Note helped us to organize ourselves better. We run multiple projects, so workspaces helped. We no more have to tell our team what kid of documents they need to prepare.”

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Monnel Espiritu

Skill Hacker at Skillful.Me
Co-Founder Skillful.Club

“I've managed to build and improve my skill acquisition framework using the many functionalities using NN and received positive feedback from my coaching clients using NN”

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Chris Closset

of Stoic By Design

“We highly recommend Nimbus notes to any creative business, or just about any business which relies on notes, documents, and paper to save and share ideas and processes.”

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