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  • Mar 15, 2022
  • 4 Min

Top Nimbus Updates of February 2022


Level Up your Toolkit with Nimbus fresh updates

Months pass by but we don’t stop wowing you with new features. We listen to you, analyze and improve Nimbus. It’s about time to sum up how your abilities have increased in Nimbus since January. Are you ready to see all the awesome updates?

Yes? Then let’s go!

Long-awaited comments on pages

You asked, we delivered. Now you can add comments in Nimbus to collaborate with your clients & teams in a more productive way. Share your thoughts on a project and easily brainstorm new ideas!

Add comments to specific phrases by highlighting the needed fragment and choosing the corresponding option in the editor. Or you comment on the whole block. Just go to the block menu and select Add comment to start a discussion.

Once you finish your discussion, mark comments as resolved or delete them.
Find out more about comments here >>


CTA buttons on your videos

Direct your team and clients to landing pages, websites and more! CTA elements always come in handy and now you can use them on your video. To add the CTA button you just need to find and click on the pencil from the video menu. Then, select Add CTA in the editor and customize your button as you wish. Now, you can empower your video even more!

Look for the detailed instruction on CTA elements here >>


More efficient HTML imports

In February we enhanced importing from HTML format. From now on you can easily switch to Nimbus from other services like Notion, Quip, Bear and others.

It takes only a couple of clicks to import a bunch of HTML files. Simply select a folder with them and we’ll do the rest!

Read more about import from HTML via this link >>

Import html


Full-screen mode in a double-click

Even small details can help you save your time. Want to see a page in a full-screen mode? Now, all you need to do it double-click to open the page in full screen. Find the list of pages in your left sidebar, pick the needed page and click twice.

This feature is available both in the desktop app and in the web client.


Improved mobile versions for more productive work

iOS users can better brainstorm new ideas and label them. Check out the following updates:

  • Enhanced comments. If you’ve found a website with interesting examples for your project, add the link to it using the Comment option. You can leave links for the whole block of information or just a fragment.
  • Tag management. You can change tags directly from the page list. Just open the page menu with a long tap on it and select the corresponding option from the list. And that’s not all. Easily add new tags in the tag search menu which is in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Install the iOS version of Nimbus >> to try all these enhancements

Android users now can sort:

  • previous reminders. Even if you missed a time reminder, you can always find it. Just select Sort and Filter page list from the menu;
  • pages by creation date;
  • pages by tags (support for AND and OR operators);
  • shared pages.

When all the information is sorted you can take care of backing it up. Now you can export your pages easily in HTML format.

Download the Android version of the app here >> to make these features work

A couple of other useful updates:

  • You can take both screenshots & record videos right from Gmail windows. We improved these options for you. Find out how it works in our January updates >>
  • Create back-ups in the desktop app. We’ve also enhanced the export of multiple pages.

What’s next:

Our plans are ambitious. You keep inspiring us for new updates for Nimbus. Here is what you can expect from us in the nearest future:

  • task list;
  • text and video chats on pages;
  • the activity panel.

You can follow all our updates on our social media. Be safe and stay in the loop.

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