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The Evernote alternative that actually works for your team

Nimbus Platform provides the best structure
and collaboration to organize anything with minimum learning curve!

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Easier to manage when it's all-in-one

Tired of jumping through multiple online solutions?
Nimbus is a perfect platform for your business.

  • Powerful editor
  • Limitless embedding
  • Web Clipper
  • Universal structure

Use Nimbus Note on any platform. No limit on devices

When it comes to Evernote alternatives, Nimbus is №1

Nimbus is built for collaboration —
internal and external (clients, contractors).

EvernoteNimbus Platform
Organization console
Web clipper
Document scanner
Offline mode
Web, desktop, mobile apps
Dedicated Success Manager25+ members required10+ members required
Nested folders×
Powerful EditorBasic formattingBasic formatting + databases, buttons, quotes, hints and more
Realtime collaboration×
Comments×Text, images, videos*, PDFs&Docs*
Chats1-1 chatsGroups, 1-1 Chats
Video calls×Coming soon
Screenshot / Screen Recorder×
Integrations from and to the app×
Password protected sharing×
Client portals×
Internal portals (intranet)×

And yes, we have a good Evernote import

We spent months to make it work. Our support will help you in case you have any questions.

No credit card required

People Choose Nimbus Note over Evernote

Darryl Brooks

Photographer & Writer

Nimbus has the most similar look and feel to Evernote, but once you get under the hood, it offers much more. In addition to powerful and flexible tags, you can nest folders as deep as you like. Plus, the editing tools in Nimbus make Evernote look like something out of the DOS days.

Vico Biscotti

Software engineer & Medium author

I’ve been a fan of Evernote, for long years. At some point, their marketing took over tech in too many ways and I found myself in need of change. Finding Nimbus Note was kind of a miracle. Anything I could do with Evernote was there, more practical and with even more features.

William Jones

Help Desk Support at PCI

I use Nimbus to organize my thoughts and projects in my personal & professional career. I’d been an avid Evernote user for many years, but I lost interest in it. They changed their business and app model which made my workflow too cumbersome. Now, I’m using Nimbus.

Frequently asked questions

There are several key reasons why Evernote users switch to Nimbus Note. In Nimbus Note, you can:

  • use OCR, Web Clipper and all the features enjoyed in Evernote;
  • create a nested structure for your notes with unlimited folders and tags;
  • enjoy the block editor and work with various content: tables, databases, integrations and more;
  • set up separate workspaces with permission settings. One Nimbus workspace is similar to one Evernote account;
  • invite other people to collaborate in Nimbus Note. For this, try the Nimbus Business plan;
  • record video and audio messages right into your notes;

Many people compare Nimbus Note vs Evernote and find that Nimbus Note has more features for a lower price.

To make migration the most comfortable, we’ve created detailed instructions for you. Start with exporting your notes from Evernote. You can find more information on our blog post How to Export Notes From Evernote. Then, you need to import the files to Nimbus Note. Check out our blog post How to Import Notes to Nimbus Note for help. In case of any questions, our support team would be happy to assist. Just write to us here.

Please note: Unfortunately, enex files don’t support the structure you had in Evernote. If you need to keep your Evernote structure, we recommend migrating notebook by notebook.

Yes! All users who import data from Evernote get one month of Nimbus Business for free. Just import at least one enex file and your account will be switched to Nimbus Business automatically. Use this opportunity to explore all our advantages!

Yes! Nimbus Note supports image-to-text recognition on both the Web and Mobile platforms. You can also search for text in images. Here are some details on how it works.

You can add tags to your notes in the web editor and on all supported platforms. Moreover, you may mark your notes as favorites to quickly access them. Please check the corresponding guides on this topic.For the question of quick access to notes, it’s worth mentioning that with the nested structure, you can build: workspaces -> folders -> sub-folders with unlimited levels.

You can also filter notes by tags and folders.

Sure it does! With Nimbus Web Clipper, you can capture a whole page (or a fragment), highlight important items and clip images & elements from PDF files. Install it for free!

Nimbus Note employs the same 128-bit SSL encryption in use by major online financial services. SSL provides a secure connection anytime data is sent or received. Any data that you store in Nimbus Note is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption. Nimbus Note data is also protected by strong physical security measures. EC2 cloud servers reside within hardened Amazon facilities in nondescript locations, each surrounded by military-grade perimeters.

We also create automatic back-ups and allow our users to create back-ups manually.

You can find more information on our security page.

Nimbus Note has a block-based editor that allows you to:


  • drag and drop elements;
  • create links to particular blocks, not just the whole page;
  • enjoy many advanced objects: toggles, hints, buttons, outlines and more!
  • use tables and databases;
  • add integrations to and from other sources: Google Docs, Miro, Canva, Typeforms, etc.


Compared to the Nimbus Note editor, the Evernote editor seems quite basic.

Many people discuss the features comparison between Nimbus Note vs Evernote. They find Nimbus Note user-friendly and easy to use, without a long learning curve. They also point out Nimbus Note is constantly developing and adding new features for better note-taking and information management.
Ex-Evernote users say Nimbus Note support is always ready to help with any question. We have a Nimbus Community on social media that is proactive and inspires many users on how to use Nimbus Note in an even more efficient way.
All these perks come with a lower price. That’s why Evernote users often migrate all-in to Nimbus Note.

Unlike other companies, we don’t want our users to be data hostages. We believe users should stay with a service for its value and not because of the impossibility to migrate.
You can easily export your data to PDF or HTML. If you decide to leave Nimbus Note, your account can be fully deleted.

Ready to Jump in?

Nimbus Note provides the best structure
and collaboration to organize anything with minimum learning curve!


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