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  • May 12, 2023
  • 13 Min

Best Corporate Wiki Software in 2023


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In the era of information sharing, the term “wiki” has become synonymous with effortless collaboration and lightning-fast knowledge exchange, which is why today’s corporate wiki software is becoming increasingly vital for driving productivity, igniting innovation, and helping teams stay connected in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

In this article, we’ll dive head-first into the world of wikis, analyzing its key features, and, like a true knight in shining armor (for honor and glory!), we’ll guide you through the best corporate wiki software you need to build the corporate wiki of your dreams. So sit tight, my lady/lord, and prepare for a wiki tale of epic proportions!

What is Wiki Software?

What is Wiki Software? Image by Nimbus Platform

Wiki software, often referred to as a “wiki engine” or “wiki application,” is a type of collaborative software that allows users to create, edit, and link web pages together with the aim of collecting and organizing information. It fosters a communal and democratic space in which content can be easily accessed, updated, and maintained by multiple contributors. 

The best-known example of a wiki would be the incredibly vast and ever-growing Wikipedia, but corporate wiki software can also be used to build internal knowledge bases or develop corporate documentation for companies and organizations.

Think of wiki software as the modern-day equivalent of the Great Library of Alexandria, which housed countless scrolls and manuscripts contributed by scholars from different regions and cultures. Much like how the Great Library of Alexandria functioned as a centralized repository of wisdom (before it burned to the ground, that is…), wiki software brings together the expertise of its contributors, forming a valuable resource for all to access and benefit from.

What are the Key Features of a Wiki?

As we navigate the thriving world of wikis and internal wiki software, it’s important to know what features make a great wiki. So to help you separate the wheat from the chaff, we’ve compiled a list of 10 essential features that every top-notch wiki software should have. By keeping these key aspects in mind, you’ll be well-equipped to select the perfect platform for your needs. So let’s get going! 

  1. Easy editing: A great wiki tool must have an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing all team members to contribute with ease.
  2. Permission management: Company wiki software should be able to control document access through robust and flexible permission settings.
  3. Platform integration: Seamless compatibility with other popular software (e.g., Slack, Github, Google Sheets) is crucial in every wiki software for maximal workflow efficiency.
  4. Rich text editor: This is a given feature among the best wiki software. A comprehensive editor that supports images, code snippets, and other visual elements creates a more dynamic user experience, which is essential for any wiki or knowledge base.
  5. Real-time collaboration: Groups working simultaneously on a document should be able to communicate and make changes without difficulty. So make sure you look for wiki software that has real-time collaboration features.
Real-Time Collaboration. Image by Nimbus Platform
  1. Intelligent search: A powerful search functionality that can detect relevant content, even if using imprecise keywords, is essential for quick access to information in a wiki.
  2. Customization: Adaptable design capabilities offered by good wiki software empower organizations to personalize their wiki’s appearance to suit their specific needs, ensuring a tailored and user-friendly experience in their knowledge management platform.
  3. Version control: wiki software should provide access to older versions of documents, allowing users to compare and revert changes effortlessly, ensuring a seamless experience in managing and updating content within the corporate wiki.
  4. Analytics: Insightful data revealing content traction and usage patterns can help companies identify potential knowledge gaps and areas for improvement.
  5. In-line comments: The ability to leave comments directly within documents streamlines communication and enhances individual document feedback.

Armed with this awesome checklist, you’ll be able to evaluate the vast legion of wiki software options out there and make an educated decision. So now that we’ve covered the ideal features you need to be looking for, let’s take a look at our curated list of the 15 best wiki software tools currently on the market. 

The Best Wiki Software Tools

What follows is, in our opinion, the best wiki software tools you should be considering for your business. These tools provide innovative and comprehensive wiki-building capabilities, making it easier for companies like yours to enhance collaboration, streamline communication, and centralize your valuable knowledge resources.

Nimbus Platform

Nimbus Platform. Image by Nimbus Platform

Nimbus Platform, and more specifically its app Nimbus Note, offers a comprehensive and powerful solution for creating a versatile information hub tailored for team collaboration. This wiki software’s intuitive note-management approach, advanced editor, and rich embedding capabilities ensure seamless creation of any type of content imaginable, from blog posts and SOPs to the ultimate corporate wiki. Alongside Nimbus’ other tools, Capture and Clipper, which enable screen recording, screenshots, and clipping information from external websites, Nimbus Note facilitates knowledge creation, management and sharing.

Nimbus Platform’s standout features include robust document creation and storage, organized categorization by departments or projects, secure access control, version tracking, offline availability, and customizable branding options. With Nimbus, you’re not only choosing one of the best company wiki software tools but one that can meet your organization’s knowledge management needs for both corporate wikis and knowledge bases.


Slite is In the List of The Best Wiki Software Tools. Image by Nimbus Platform

Slite is an exceptional corporate wiki software choice for sharing team knowledge, offering a clean, clutter-free interface and features designed specifically for remote communication. It simplifies the writing process, requiring no tutorial; simply create a document and dive in. Slite’s powerful editor allows for extensive formatting, drawing, highlighting, and embedding, while enabling unlimited team members to edit docs simultaneously. Their main screen highlights relevant wiki content, and the software’s smart search learns which documents you use most frequently. Also, its seamless integration with a wide range of software makes for effortless embedding and linking. Finally, their flexible pricing options make it suitable for teams of almost any size.


Notion is In the List of The Best Wiki Software Tools. Image by Nimbus Platform

Notion shines as an all-in-one solution for creating company wikis, offering a visually appealing and organized workspace that scales effortlessly with your team’s growth. Its powerful search functionality and intuitive connectivity between related content ensure that information is always just a few keystrokes away. This wiki software’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface empowers all team members to contribute and update with ease, fostering collaboration and project management. Seamless integration with popular platforms like Slack, Figma, and Jira amplifies its versatility, making Notion a fantastic tool to centralize your company’s knowledge base in an accessible, attractive, and efficient manner.


Slab is In the List of The Best Wiki Software Tools. Image by Nimbus Platform

Slab is a powerful team wiki software especially suited for fostering a culture of knowledge-sharing within your organization. Its modern, intuitive interface makes creating, organizing, and discovering content a breeze for all team members, regardless of their technical proficiency. Also, content on Slab looks great by default, so you can focus on writing without worrying about formatting. Slab’s organization features go beyond traditional folders and tags to help teammates easily navigate and learn about company policies, procedures, and insightful ideas. 


Coda is In the List of The Best Wiki Software Tools. Image by Nimbus Platform

Coda is a dynamic and adaptable company wiki software that empowers your team to create the custom tools they need. Combining the familiarity of a text document and the engaging experience of an app, Coda ensures seamless collaboration and informed decision-making. Its versatile building blocks adapt to your team’s growing needs, allowing for smooth upgrades, such as transforming a simple to-do list into a polished task board. With connected data, synchronized edits, and seamless integration with your favorite apps, Coda offers a comprehensive wiki building solution that caters to your team’s ever-evolving requirements.


Guru is In the List of The Best Wiki Software Tools. Image by Nimbus Platform

Guru is an all-in-one team wiki software designed to keep your team connected and provide them with easy access to crucial information. Combining the features of a wiki, intranet, and knowledge base, it connects everyone in your organization and seamlessly integrates information into your workflow. Powered by AI, Guru gets smarter with each use, offering a user-friendly experience that surpasses traditional wikis and intranets. Its smart search functionality actively assists in finding the information you need, while features like human verification and scheduled reminders keep content fresh and up-to-date. Additionally, Guru provides analytics to measure content impact, and detects duplicate content to maintain an organized and efficient corporate wiki.


Archbee is In the List of The Best Wiki Software Tools. Image by Nimbus Platform

Archbee excels as an all-in-one solution for creating, managing, and publishing up-to-date team wikis, fostering seamless collaboration and contributions from all team members. With easy access controls, Archbee ensures that team members and customers quickly find the information they need while accelerating customer onboarding and enhancing ongoing support. This versatile company wiki software empowers teams to create relevant, customer-focused content and establish a single source of truth encompassing various information types.


GitBook is In the List of The Best Wiki Software Tools. Image by Nimbus Platform

Gitbook offers an efficient solution for planning, centralizing, and sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration and contribution from individuals with varying technical abilities. With seamless import and sync options, its powerful real-time block editor supports a variety of content types while encouraging discussion and consensus-building. Gitbook ensures your documentation remains up-to-date and maintains content security while also providing customization options and automatic SEO optimization. By streamlining documentation creation and management, Gitbook helps you build a comprehensive and accessible corporate wiki for your organization.


Document360 is In the List of The Best Wiki Software Tools. Image by Nimbus Platform

Document360 is a versatile solution for creating a self-service knowledge base tailored to the needs of your customers and employees. With its wide range of applications, including product help docs, technical documentation, online user guides, FAQs, API documentation, internal knowledge bases, and standard operating procedures, Document360 consistently delivers reliable and up-to-date information. Seamlessly integrating with your existing help desk, analytics, commenting, and chat products, Document360 enhances your knowledge management ecosystem, combining external and internal systems to effortlessly build a comprehensive and accessible corporate wiki.

ProProfs Knowledge Base

ProProfs Knowledge Base is In the List of The Best Wiki Software Tools. Image by Nimbus Platform

ProProfs Knowledge Base simplifies wiki-building with its user-friendly online editor and diverse customization options. Designed for all skill levels, it requires no coding or programming knowledge to create a tailored corporate wiki. ProProfs offers over 40 ready-to-use templates and customization features like fonts, themes, and colors, ensuring an attractive and accessible knowledge base that aligns with your brand. With powerful collaboration tools and seamless integration with popular platforms, ProProfs ensures an efficient and cohesive knowledge management experience, making it one of the best wiki software tools out there.


Confluence is In the List of The Best Wiki Software Tools. Image by Nimbus Platform

Confluence serves as a remote-friendly team workspace where knowledge and collaboration unite, facilitating effective corporate wiki building. By centralizing information, organizing projects, and coordinating plans and decision-making, Confluence helps keep everyone up to speed. Through features such as comments, notifications, and co-editing, team collaboration is a breeze. And as your company grows, Confluence offers tools to maintain content organization and discoverability, ensuring a single source of truth accessible to all team members. With its integration of project management apps and flexible workspaces, this corporate wiki tool can be the perfect foundation for turning ideas and information into actionable strategies.


Obsidian is In the List of The Best Wiki Software Tools. Image by Nimbus Platform

Obsidian is not your typical internal wiki software. Obsidian serves as a powerful knowledge base built on top of a local folder of plain text files, offering a personalized and versatile solution for corporate wiki building. The graph feature provides a visual overview of knowledge connections, helping you explore, observe, and stay motivated. Catering to every type of preference, Obsidian supports plugins, themes, and custom CSS, enabling you to build your own unique system. With hundreds of plugins and themes, you can fine-tune Obsidian for your company’s specific needs. And if privacy is one of your concerns, no need to worry, because your data resides in a local folder, ensuring the security and accessibility of your content, even with no internet connection.


Dokuwiki is In the List of The Best Wiki Software Tools. Image by Nimbus Platform

DokuWiki stands out as a simple, versatile, and open-source wiki software that doesn’t require a database. With a clean syntax, easy maintenance, and seamless integration, it’s a favorite among users and administrators alike. Ideal for enterprise settings, DokuWiki boasts built-in access controls, authentication connectors, and a plethora of plugins for diverse use cases. In fact, its easy installation and low system requirements make it quite a popular choice. Besides being adaptable for a wide range of use cases, this team wiki software offers customization options to suit all skill levels, from admin interface configurations to the development of unique extensions.


Tettra is In the List of The Best Wiki Software Tools. Image by Nimbus Platform

Tettra is an intuitive knowledge base software designed to organize company information and efficiently answer repetitive questions in places like Slack or MS Teams. By integrating seamlessly into your communication channels, Tettra ensures that new and existing answers are easily accessible, keeping your team informed without interruptions. This team wiki software enables you to route questions to the appropriate team members, who can answer or confirm the accuracy of the information in the wiki or knowledge base. Finally, with Tettra’s simple editor and support for Google Docs and markdown files, building a comprehensive and trustworthy corporate wiki becomes much easier.


Notejoy is In the List of The Best Wiki Software Tools. Image by Nimbus Platform

Notejoy offers a fast and visually appealing alternative to other more traditional internal wiki software, enabling teams to capture, organize, and collaborate on their work together in real time. With its beautifully streamlined interface, Notejoy eliminates bloat and complexity, providing a clean and productive workspace. This tool’s live collaboration features ensure seamless communication, while its instant search functionality and intuitive organization tools make finding and managing information easy-peasy. All in all, Notejoy delivers a delightful and powerful internal wiki software solution to keep your team connected and engaged.

Pick the Ideal Wiki Software for Your Organization’s Success

In conclusion, having reviewed 15 extraordinary corporate wiki software tools, it’s now time to make a choice. And we wholeheartedly recommend Nimbus Platform. We know we’re biased, but trust us, it’s worth the hype! 

Nimbus Platform provides a comprehensive and powerful solution for corporate wikis. From robust document creation to secure access control, offline availability, and customizable branding options, Nimbus has you covered. With Nimbus, you will be choosing one of the best wiki software on the market right now. 

So, what are you waiting for? Give Nimbus Platform a try and watch your company’s knowledge management soar to new heights!

Learn from our expert how you can benefit from Nimbus wiki!

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