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  • Jul 21, 2022
  • 7 Min

Nimbus Platform: Vision and Directions


Howdy, community! Comms check here.

At the beginning of 2022, we told you that a wind of change was coming to Nimbus Platform. It’s been half of the year (wow, the time flies) and we want to share with you where we are. So get yourself comfy, we are going to start.

Fulfilling Our Main Goal — Bringing Internal and External Collaboration in One Place

Step by step, we’re heading to our number one target — making Nimbus Platform a one place for collaboration and knowledge management. As you’ve probably seen we’ve got a trademark, added collaboration, done a lot of improvements and keep getting support from our investors.

All in One Collaboration is a Very Vague Term. How do We See it in Nimbus?

In most cases these are two separate worlds, like a Fish in ocean will never meet and find common ground with an Elephant. However, we know plenty animals that can live in both worlds successfully, for example, Axolotls. Yeah — a weird name but we all saw them on the Internet:

Axolotls Hi. GIF powered by Nimbus Platform

Our goal is to bring internal and external collaboration in one place. Let individuals and teams effectively solve all their goals using Nimbus. We don’t need to feel like an Elephant swimming through the Ocean anymore.

Making Your Collaboration Easier

Now Nimbus Platform is not only a place where you can organize everything. We are broadening our horizons. Nimbus Platform turns more and more into a powerful collaboration hub.

That’s why, since the beginning of the year, we’ve added:

? Tasks with the ability to set deadlines, assign coworkers and add labels;

? Activity Panel for tracking all events happening in your workspaces;

? Comments for giving feedback even if you are in completely different timezone;

? Chats for communication right in the place you work;

? And many other vital updates.

And what is collaboration without a team? For the time being, all our users can add members to their organizations regardless of their plans. No worries, you still can use our tool for collecting and organizing your information, but now you can do way more!

Here you can find answers to the most popular questions

Is Nimbus Note just to organize information or is it a fully collaborative tool?

At a very beginning, Nimbus Note started as a note-taking app, evolved into knowledge management service and now becomes collaboration platform. If you use Nimbus Note just for taking notes, simple todos — you can still do this better than before. At the same time, our life becomes more digital and people need more ways to enhance their digital life. You can invite your team members and clients to work on projects. For this, we’ve added vast functionality: tasks, version history, event tracking, comments & chats.

How can I add new members?

Do it via the Organization Console, which is available for all plans. Find it in your settings > my subscription or follow the link > right away. Once there, you can find the option Invite new members in the left sidebar. Read more about the Organization Console here >>

What is included in a Free plan?

A free plan will suit you best if you are just starting a Nimbus journey. Here you can add up to 20 members to your account for free and try the main functions. For example, communicate with your team and clients in the Nimbus Chat, create tasks and track all the actions happening in your workspace.

How many workspaces does a Free user have?

Your team and you can work in one organization, sharing one workspace. For creating more workspaces, choose Pro or Business plans.

Why are Pro and Business plans better?

Once you give Nimbus a go, pave the way to its endless opportunities. In a Pro plan, you can create and store countless content and ideas and choose different versions of your pages with the corresponding option. On top of that, you get 2-step authentication, ability to store and sort information in additional workspaces and unlimited recording time in Nimbus Capture and Nimbus Clarity with all their advanced functions. A Business plan will help you grow brand awareness. By choosing it, your team and you will get all Pro plan abilities. Plus, you’ll promote your brand with the White Label solution, custom SMTP and more.

Can I set up different roles and permissions for my members?

Yes, you can choose roles such as a Manager, Member of the workspace in all plans, plus Guest in the Business plan. Moreover, you can give different permissions such as read-onlycreate and edit, or Admin. Read more about roles in the organization here >>

How can I manage permissions in my Nimbus organization?

Users with Free and Pro plans can add up to 20 members to their organizations. For Business users, this number is unlimited. In the Organization Console, you can decide which workspace and folders you give them access — only to one or all of them. There you can also divide the number of members in each workspace — all 20 members in one workspace and the rest for you / 10 members in one workspace, and 10 members in other two workspaces or so on. This way, your members will see what’s going on only in the workspace and folder they are invited to. Please mind that Free users have 1 workspace in their organization, Pro users get 3 workspaces and Business ones don’t have any limits for creating workspaces.

What is the difference between Pro and Business plans?

The Business one has more benefits for collaboration. Let’s start with adding the unlimited number of members and giving them all Pro plan functions. We also recommend choosing a Business plan for growing your brand awareness. You can easily customize your organization with our White Label solution, get 2000+ advanced integrations, custom SMTP and more.

Do my members have a Pro plan if I have a Business one?

Yes, once you subscribed to the Business plan, all your members added to your Organization get Pro abilities. That means all coworkers in your Nimbus organization will be able to create and store multiple pages with content in your shared workspaces and their personal ones. Moreover, they’ll get all the advanced functions of Nimbus Capture and Nimbus Clarity. This includes unlimited recording time, more options for taking, editing and uploading screenshots and videos.

We hope, you’ve found the answers to your questions. If not, contact our support team via They’ll provide you with more information. Meanwhile, we continue to share with you our achievements.

Getting Recognition

For this half year, we do have something to be proud of. Together with launching Tasks, Chats, Comments and other features, we’ve been awarded multiple times. Look what collection of badges, we’ve gathered so far.

Nimbus collection of badges. Image powered by Nimbus Platform

We’ve got such recognition thanks to our Nimbus community. You all remain our main asset and all we do is for making your work productive and comfortable.

Enlarging Community

Since we are talking about our dear community, here we have only words of gratitude. We feel your support and are glad to see that the number of community members is growing each day. We continue getting #Nimbus_community insights. They are inventive and open Nimbus Platform abilities from new perspectives.

Read the latest tips and hacks with Nimbus here ?



? BTW, in our blog, you can also find tips and hacks on collaboration, client relationships, teamwork and personal productivity.

What’s Next in Nimbus Platform

Pleasant news shouldn’t end when the article is almost over. As you see, we’ve done a lot since the beginning of the year, but it doesn’t mean we stop here. You are going to see lots of updates for collaboration with clients & teams, task and knowledge management. In the nearest future, you’ll be able to:

  • Promote your services using Nimbus Client Portals;
  • Manage your data with granular permissions;
  • Become more efficient with more advanced task and project management.

Stay tuned not to miss these and other updates and grow together with Nimbus Platform.

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