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  • Apr 8, 2021
  • 5 Min

Top Nimbus Updates of March 2021


Here, we gather our best March updates and life hacks. Check here to stay on the same page with us and make the most out of your Nimbus experience!

Use Nimbus Clipper in Safari browser

If you are interested in our January and February releases, you can always find them in our blog.

In March, we worked mostly on improving the speed and performance of our products. We hope you’ll find your mobile applications and web loading faster very soon. We’ll continue working on our new technology stack, so that all our products on every platform will have even greater speed, performance and reliability.

Meanwhile, let’s examine our small and big releases of March.

Starting from March 2021, you can:

✔️ Use Nimbus Clipper in Safari browser.

Nimbus Clipper extension is a free browser extension that helps you save and organize content from the Internet. With it, you can save only the relevant content from web pages and eliminate all unnecessary elements such as ads or links.

In March, we were pleased to announce the Nimbus Clipper release for Safari!

You should definitely check it out to keep information chaos at bay.

Use Nimbus Clipper in Safari browser

Explore Nimbus Clipper features

✔️ Find the web client even more convenient to use!

The web client also offers some new features that may be useful for your work.

  • Now, you can select the content better, since the selected area goes beyond the editor and text. Just right-click and select all the elements you need.
  • We’ve also added Google Trends embed support.
  • HTML-object is full-width by default—and yes, you can now lock it (disable its editing).
  • You can now use all the space in your note by clicking on Menu > Full-width.
  • We’ve checked the PDF-export optimization for A4 format, and now it works better.

✔️ Choose the preview image for social media posting!

When you add a link to a public page and post it on social media, you’ll get a default Nimbus image preview. Now, you can choose the preview image you want! To do this, just go to the branding section of the public page and select an image in the Default Image for SMM posting menu.

You can find out more information here>>

Note: preview image is part of branding, which is available only for Teams accounts.

Choose the preview image for social media posting!

✔️ Benefit from our newly optimized code tool!

As you may already know, you can enrich notes’ functionality with your code. In March, we significantly improved our code object and made working with it a breeze.

Now you have:

  • better language autodetection;
  • new themes for both daytime and nighttime use;
  • line numbers in your code.

Find more information here>>

Note: right now, this feature is available only on the web. We’ll add it to mobile and desktop versions as soon as possible.

Benefit from our newly optimized code tool!

✔️ Have branded emails with your organization logo and name.

From now, emails to members of your organization will include the logo and name of your company with minimal mentioning of Nimbus Web.

Just add a big logo and indicate your company’s name in Settings – Organization Branding.

We are also working on Custom SMTP Server.

Check out more information about branding here >>

Note: this feature is available only for Teams accounts.

Have branded emails with your organization logo and name

✔️ Open your notes faster in the updated iOS app.

We’ve optimized and greatly improved the iPhone app. Now, you can create and open your notes two times faster!

Our top changes for iOS app:

  • Search inside the note. Just open the note, go to the menu and choose Search in the note;
  • Updated Note Info. Now, you can change the date of note creation, track words and characters numbers in the note and set a link to the source of the note.
  • Image editor right in your note! Annotate images by adding various shapes and arrows. Just tap on the image and choose Annotate.
  • Disable showing the date in the note list;
  • The default place of the cursor is now up to you: in the body of the note or in the name of the note.

What’s more, we’ve added Apple Pencil support! Now you can write with Apple Pencil in notes, and it will be automatically converted into text!

To download the mobile version for iOS, click here>>

✔️ Get more from your Nimbus app for Android!

We’ve added small and big updates to our app for Android.

  • You can now record audio without leaving your note right in our Audio Player!
  • You can clear the base of application in the settings;
  • Numerous other small fixes that make your user experience smooth.

You can download the new Android version here>>

✔️ Use tables more efficiently!

We’ve fixed many tiny bugs with tables so that you can use them more easily. Add color text to your tables, position mentions and feel free to print them out!

By the way, if you export a table to HTML format, all the attached files are now saved too.

What’s next?

We plan to work on the following features in April:

  • Note import from HTML;
  • New object in the editor – Hint that will allow adding special text format for tips or guides.
  • An outline (or Table of contents) that can be added outside the editor.

We’re also continuing to work on several major features such as:

  • Comments in notes;
  • Clipper for mobile;
  • Custom SMTP server;
  • Search speed optimization in notes.

Check out our updates in April!

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