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Explore the diverse uses of Nimbus

Need to boost remote communication, improve project management or build a knowledge base? With Nimbus, you can do it all. Check out how Nimbus helps different teams thrive.

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Digital agencies

The no-code platform designed for digital agencies and professionals

Small & Medium Businesses

A solution to work with non-tech savvy clients for digital professionals.
All-together collab & info hub in Nimbus

Knowledge Repository / Wiki

Create a no-code knowledge base for internal and external purposes.
Easy to set up, manage and customize

Customer Support

Use Nimbus Note to better coordinate customer support and increase collaboration among your teams

Development / Engineering

Development teams can simplify engineering workflows and increase efficiency for faster deployment

Education Students

Easily organize all your school and class information into a single workplace

Education Teaching

Teaching is not just teaching. It's also a lot of organization and administration

HR & Recruiting

Easily manage all of your recruiting, onboarding and employee administration in a single workplace

Marketing Teams

Stay on top of your tasks, collaborate with your team, synchronize with your clients and never miss a deadline again


Organize all of your sales team assets into a single place to let your teams be more focused and consistent

Organized Team Space

Create dedicated workspaces to store and manage the files - one for each project, team and client

Team Management / Remote Teams

Enable teams to maintain stronger connections and collaborate better

Project Management & Operations

Add meeting notes, tasks, documents, images and code snippets

Personal Use

A single place to manage all of your information. Declutter your life and get more done

Product Development

Enable your product teams to get more done, from concept to launch. All in a single workplace

Research & Brainstorm

Organize your research efforts more effectively and collaborate better with your team

Put Nimbus into action

We know your needs are unique. Our Support Manager will take care! Let Ksenia help you settle in.

No credit card needed. Unlimited time on Free plan

Get a Sneak Peek on Managing Your Projects

Watch how you can boost your results by setting workflow with Nimbus Platform

Unlimited time on Free plan