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About permissions in Nimbus Capture for Google Chrome

We launched a new version of Nimbus Capture and got a few claim letters from our users about new permissions. It should be noted that we added only one new permission – capture screen. The other permissions have been there since the app was first released. The matter is that after adding one permission, Google Chrome shows all permissions, which might have created confusion for our users. However, we can say with confidence that our users have no reason to worry about their safety. We have never had and never will have any in-app advertisements. In fact, Nimbus note is an app with an open source code, so everyone can check for themselves how it works and what it does.

More details on permissions:

CHANGE ALL YOUR DATA ON THE WEBSITES YOU VISIT – This is required for taking page screenshots.
READ DATA YOU COPY AND PASTE – for copying links to clipboard.
MANAGE YOUR DOWNLOADS – for saving images to your computer.

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