How to use embed feature in the portals?

With Embeds, you can display content from other services on the portal pages, such as:

  • video from YouTube
  • an analytical report from PowerBI
  • a booking form from Calendly

You can add Embeds through the Customizer or through the Fusebase page editor.

Adding an Embed via the Customizer #

  • Go to the Customizer for the portal.
  • Navigate to your page or create a new one.
  • Select Custom Embed from the Add Block menu:
  • Enter the widget name and embed code (e.g. Youtube code on video or code from PowerBI):
  • Click the Add button:
  • After saving, the Embed will appear on the portal page:
  • When you are satisfied with everything, save the changes by clicking Publish:

Adding an Embed via the Fusebase page editor #

  • Go to the web version
  • Open or create the desired page in the client:
  • Click on the desired location in the editor and select Integrations from the list of options:
  • Enter the code or link to the service in the input field:
  • The embedded content will be successfully displayed on the page:

It is important to note that in this case, you do not need to publish the changes—they are published automatically.

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