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Portal Page Button to Web Client for Page Editing

There are cases where clients in the portal need to not only read information from the page, but also edit it or add comments. For such cases, you can add a special button to the portal pages, which will pull up the Nimbus page in edit mode.

Adding a Button #

1) Open the portal and go to Customize.

2) Navigate to the desired page in the portal.

3) Click the Add button in the upper right corner of the page.

4) In the pop-up, specify the name of the button and activate the Show button checkbox, so it will be displayed in the portal.

5) Click on Save in the pop-up and then on Save changes to make the button appear in the portal.

After successful saving, portal clients will see the button and clicking on it will open the page in edit mode.

Editing or Disabling a Button #

To edit or disable a button, open the portal in Customizer mode and click on the button.

In the pop-up that appears, you can edit the name of the button.

You can also disable the button if you uncheck Show Button.

Click Save in the popup and then Save changes to make the changes appear in the portal.

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