Internal Space and Portals – how do they differ?

In the standard web version, there is an Internal Space area where you can work individually or in a team:

  • Create and edit pages and documents
  • Hold chats
  • Manage and control tasks

It is an Inner area, available only to you and other organization members. When you make a portal, its layout will appear in your Sidebar.

Here, you can:

  • Look at the contents of portal sections and folders.
  • Switch to the Portal Customizer by clicking on the Visual Editor.
  • Choose the Portal you’d like to edit.
  • Add extra portal pages by selecting the + sign next to a folder.
  • Change portal page settings by clicking the Menu icon next to the page name.

When you’re ready, you can move your information from Internal Space to the desired portal by using Drag and Drop (selecting the appropriate page and dragging it to the portal) or using the Add to Portal option, explained here.

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