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Magic Links

With Magic links, you can give your clients quick access to portals, even if they are closed to the outside world.

There are several options for creating magic links, which we will explain in this guide.

Generating a link when entering the portal #

When you create an invitation to an organization, you can invite it to the portal right away. To do this, select the desired portal.

After successfully sending the invite, your client will receive an email with a link for quick access to the portal.

When you click on Open portal:

  • An account will be automatically created in the organization for this email (if there was no account yet);
  • The user will be added to the organization with the selected role;
  • The user will get access to the portal and in the future the user can use this link for quick access to the portal.

The user will also be able to login to their Nimbus Platform account via email. The user will be able to get the password for access through the Restore Password option.

Requesting portal access without a Nimbus account #

If a user without an account opens a closed portal, he sees the following message.

If desired, the user can enter his email into the input and click Send access link.

If the user already has access to the portal, he will see the appropriate message and a link for quick access to the portal will be sent to his email.

If the email does not have access to the portal, there will be an error message.

Next, the email of the owner of the organization will receive a message that the new user has requested access to the portal and the owner can manually give access to the portal.

Manual magic link generation for users #

Also, you can manually generate a link for quick access to the portal for existing users.

1) Open the business console –

2) In the list of projects, click on the desired one, where there is a portal.

3) In the desired member’s menu, select Generate new magic link for portal.

4) As a result, the link will be sent to the user’s email and copied to the clipboard.

Managing a magic link #

Through the user menu in the portal project, you can also manage the link in a basic way.

Deactivating the link #

You can disable the link for individual users through the Deactivate option.

After that, the link will become inactive and the user will not be able to use it to access the portal.

Generating a new link #

There may be a case where you want to delete the old link and immediately generate a new one. To do this, use the Generate new magic link option.

After that, a new link will be generated and the old one will become inactive and the user will not be able to use it to access the portal.